• Bill Ralph's Last Lecture

      Ralph, Bill; Gordon, Ian D.; Bellisaro, Heather; Brigantino, Catherine; Steepe, Justin (2020-02-05)
      Brock University Associate Professor of Mathematics Bill Ralph upon his pending retirement was challenged to share his passion for mathematics, research, teaching, calculus, music, art, and learning. This "Last Lecture" was captured by streaming video together with an accompanying transcript and Brock News promotional release. Bill presented before a full house of colleagues, friends, mentors, current and former students at Brock University's Pond Inlet on February 5, 2020. Bill's lecture was introduced by colleague and friend Dorothy Levay, Instructor and Manager of Academic Support in Brock University’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Using animated video, quotes, pictures, images, and stories - Bill shared his lifelong love of learning, discovery, teaching, and mathematics. Bill summarized his perspective on teaching as kindness mixed with high standards. Bill commented that "Teaching to me is high standards. I think I’ve had pretty high standards and a great deal of kindness. Kindness mixed with high standards. We have to be kind when we teach students. It's not easy being a student and we have to remember that and be aware of that. We also of course have to keep our standards." YouTube version available @ https://youtu.be/ZPcuFSa20jo