• London Gazette - October 6 & November 27, 1812

      Brock, Isaac; Sheaffe, R.H.; Prevost, George; Baynes, Edward (2014-06-12)
      Two "extraordinary" issues of the London Gazette containing letters written by Isaac Brock, R.H. [Roger Hale] Sheaffe,George Prevost and Edward Baynes, dated from August-October 1812. The first issue is numbered 16653, October 6, 1812, pp. 2011-2014, and the second issue is numbered 16672, November 27, 1812, pp. 2363-2365. The gazettes include Brock's account of the British victory at Detroit in August, 1812, the terms of the Americans' surrender to the British under General Hull at Detroit, and Brock's proclamation to the residents of Detroit after the defeat. Also included is an account of the battle at Queenston Heights in October, 1812, in which Isaac Brock was killed, written by R.H. Sheaffe (Major General) and Edward Baynes (Adjutant-General)