• Daniel D. Tompkins letter to General Dearborn, June 28, 1812.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-04-19)
      A letter written by Daniel D. Tompkins in response to a letter he received from Major General Dearborn. The letter is dated June 28, 1812 and describes the great need for arms and supplies for the American militia.
    • John Adams Smith letter, Jan. 14, 1813

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-04-13)
      A letter written by John Adams Smith, grandson of President John Adams, with commentary on the War of 1812. The letter is addressed to his uncle, Justus B. Smith, Hamilton, Madison County and is dated January 14, 1813.
    • Letter from J.E.A. Masters to Josiah Masters, November 11, 1812

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-04-17)
      A War of 1812 letter written to Josiah Masters, Shaghticoke, New York, from his nephew J.E.A. Masters, dated November 11, 1812. The letter refers to an impending invasion of Canada.
    • Letter written by John Bentley, Sept. 26, 1813.

      Cameron, Chantal (2012-04-17)
      A letter written by John Bentley, an American soldier during the War of 1812, to his wife Betsey. The letter makes reference to an impending attack on Canada and is dated September 26, 1813.