• Study on the properties of piezoelectric materials and manganese-based oxide perovskites /

      Hezareh, Talayeh.; Department of Physics (Brock University, 2005-06-29)
      Perovskite type piezoelectric and manganese oxide materials have gained a lot of attention in the field of device engineering. Lead zirconium titananium oxide (PbZri.iTiiOa or PZT) is a piezoelectric material widely used as sensors and actuators. Miniaturization of PZTbased devices will not only perfect many existing products, but also opens doors to new applications. Lanthanum manganese oxides Lai-iAiMnOa (A-divalent alkaline earth such as Sr, Ca or Ba) have been intensively studied for their colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) properties that make them applicable in memory cells, magnetic and pressure sensors. In this study, we fabricate PZT and LSMO(LCMO) heterostructures on SrTiOa substrates and investigate their temperature dependency of resistivity and magnetization as a function of the thickness of LSMO(LCMO) layer. The microstructure of the samples is analysed through TEM. In another set of samples, we study the effect of application of an electric field across the PZT layer that acts as an external pressure on the manganite layer. This verifies the correlation of lattice distortion with transport and magnetic properties of the CMR materials.