• An application of cell-cluster theory to a rare gas crystal /|n[by] K. Westera. - 260 St. Catharines [Ont.] : Dept. of Physics, Brock University,

      Westera, K.; Department of Physics (Brock University, 1974-07-09)
      The Lennard-Jones Devonshire 1 (LJD) single particle theory for liquids is extended and applied to the anharmonic solid in a high temperature limit. The exact free energy for the crystal is expressed as a convergent series of terms involving larger and larger sets of contiguous particles called cell-clusters. The motions of all the particles within cell-clusters are correlated to each other and lead to non-trivial integrals of orders 3, 6, 9, ... 3N. For the first time the six dimensional integral has been calculated to high accuracy using a Lennard-Jones (6-12) pair interaction between nearest neighbours only for the f.c.c. lattice. The thermodynamic properties predicted by this model agree well with experimental results for solid Xenon.