• Coaches' use of and impressions of computer-mediated communication (CMC) media /

      Lawrie, Kevin.; Applied Health Sciences Program (Brock University, 2009-06-15)
      The study examined coaches' usage of text-based computer-mediated communication (CMC) media (e.g., text-messaging, email) in the coach-player relationship. Data were collected by surveying Ontario-based male baseball coaches (n = 86) who coached players between 15 and 18 years old. Predictions were made regarding how demographic factors such as age and coaching experience affected coaches' CMC use and opinions. Results indicated that over 76% of respondents never used any CMC media other than email and team websites in their interactions with players. Results also revealed that coaches' usage rates contrasted with their opinion of the usefulness of the media, and their perception of players' use of the media. Coaches characterized most CMC media as limited, unnecessary, and sometimes inappropriate. Additional research should explore players' CMC usage rates and possible guidelines for use of the new media in authority relationships. Academia needs to keep pace with the developments in this area.