• Chronic versus acute ingestion of sodium citrate: a randomized placebo controlled cross-over trial for swimming 200 metres in well-trained swimmers age 13-17

      Russell, Colin; Applied Health Sciences Program (Brock University, 2013-07-19)
      A double-blinded, placebo controlled, cross-over design was used to investigate sodium citrate dihydrate (Na-CIT) supplementation improve 200m swimming performance. Ten well-trained, male swimmers (14.9 ± 0.4y; 63.5 ± 4kg) performed four 200m time trials: acute (ACU) supplementation (0.5g/kg), acute placebo (PLC-A), chronic (CHR) (0.1g/kg for 3 days and 0.3g/kg on the 4th day pre-trial), and chronic placebo (PLC-C). Na-CIT was administered 120min pre-trial in solution with 500mL of flavored water; placebo was flavored water. Blood lactate, base excess (BE), bicarbonate, pH, and PCO2 were analyzed at basal, 100min post-ingestion, and 3min post-trial via finger prick. Time, lactate, and rate of perceived exertion were not different between trials. BE and bicarbonate were significantly higher for the ACU and CHR trials compared to placebo. “Responders” improved by 1.03% (P=0.043) and attained significantly higher post-trial lactate concentrations in the ACU versus PLC-A trials and compared to non-responders in the ACU and CHR trials.