• The Effects of Self-Selected vs Researcher-Selected Music on Psychological, Physiological and Performance Outcomes During a Running Task

      Pierre, Jermel; Gammage, Kimberley; Applied Health Sciences Program
      The present study examined the effects of self-selected versus researcher-selected music on psychological, physiological and performance variables during a treadmill running task. Male and female participants (n = 30) performed a 30-minute treadmill run to their own self-selected music, researcher-selected motivational music and a no-music condition. Participants were assessed on intrinsic motivation, enjoyment, RPE, distance and heart rate. A series of repeated measures ANOVAs were used to analyse the data. Results indicated that following listening to their self-selected music, participants reported being more intrinsically motivated, more enjoyment, greater rating of perceived exertion and greater distance run. This study suggest that self-selected music may be an avenue to helping individuals overcome barriers to physical activity such as intrinsic motivation and enjoyment to help promote greater physical activity participation and adherence.