• Effect of altering dietary calcium and vitamin D in AIN93G diet on bone development in CD-1 male mice

      Wakefield, Brent; Applied Health Sciences Program
      The current levels of vitamin D (vit D) and calcium (Ca) in the AIN93G diet may be higher than required to support healthy bone structure and bone mineral density (BMD) in rodent models. The study objectives were to determine if lower levels of vit D (400 and 100 IU/kg) and Ca (0.35, 0.3, or 0.25%) support healthy bone structure and BMD while maintaining intestinal integrity in weanling male CD-1 mice up to 4 months of age. Lowering the levels of vit D (400 IU/kg) and Ca (0.35%) had no effect on bone structure and BMD, and fecal albumin levels were not different among groups, however, differences were observed in measures of serum LPS among groups. Adjusting the level of vit D to 400 IU/kg and Ca to 0.35% may provide sufficient levels for healthy bone structure and BMD, however further analysis of intestinal integrity is required.