• A Bicyclic L-Proline Derived Chiral Auxiliary for Asymmetric Synthesis

      Emberson, Kassandra; Department of Chemistry
      This thesis describes the use of an L−proline-derived chiral auxiliary for diastereoselective lithiation and ligand synthesis. Such compounds have been utilized in the Metallinos research group previously for the synthesis of N−substituted planar chiral ferrocenes. The first project describes the use of this chiral auxiliary as a directing group for N−benzyl substitution, providing products in up to 10:1 diastereomeric ratio (dr). These derivatives may serve as chiral ylidene precursors to serve as ligands in transition metal catalysis. In addition, an N−substituted planar chiral ferrocene ylidene ligand derived from the same chiral auxiliary was used to prepare rhodium complexes that were explored as potential catalysts for asymmetric hydroformylation.