• Exchange reactions of organic halides and organo-silicon compounds with boron tribromide and boron triiodide

      Hanna, Zaher S.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1977-07-09)
      Reactions of the boron halides with organic halides and organo-silicon compounds have been investigated. The results show exchange of halogens between the BX3 (X = Br# 1) and the organic halidef exchange of the halogen of the C-X bond being proved. The rates of halogen exchange vary. Reaction of the heavier halides with organo-silicon compounds indicated that the silicon-carbon bonds ruptured in the absence of electronegative atom attached to the silicon. The presence of an electronegative atom (halogen or oxygen) attached to the silicon causes the bond between the silicon and the electronegative atom to be preferentially broken. Products of exchange reactions of the boron halides and the organic halides or the organo-silicon compounds were studied by use of 1H NMR and GC/MS. From these results some possible mechanisms for the exchange reactions are postulated, but further work is indicated to prove the real courses of the reactions