• The determination of the helium discharge detector response to fixed gases

      Hishon, Michael Francis.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1984-07-09)
      The Beckman Helium Discharge Detector has been found to be sensitive to the fixed gases oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen at detection levels 10-100 times more sensitive than possible with a Bow-Mac Thermal Conductivity Detector. Detection levels o~ approximately 1.9 E-4 ~ v/v oxygen, 3.1 E-4 ~ v/v nitrogen, and 3.0 E-3 ~ v/v hydrogen are estimated. Response of the Helium Discharge Detector was not linear, but is useable for quantitation over limited ranges of concentration using suitably prepared working standards. Cleanliness of the detector discharge electrodes and purity of the helium carrier and discharge gas were found to be critical to the operation of the detector. Higher sensitivities of the Helium Discharge Detector may be possible by the design and installation of a sensitive, solid-state electrometer.