• Anharmonic Helmholtz free energy to O(lambdaâ ´) in the non- leading term approximation /|nby Leslie Wilk. -- 260 St. Catharines, Ont. : [s. n.],

      Wilk, Leslie.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1972-07-09)
      Expressions for the anharmonic Helmholtz free energy contributions up to o( f ) ,valid for all temperatures, have been obtained using perturbation theory for a c r ystal in which every atom is on a site of inversion symmetry. Numerical calculations have been carried out in the high temperature limit and in the non-leading term approximation for a monatomic facecentred cubic crystal with nearest neighbour c entralforce interactions. The numbers obtained were seen to vary by a s much as 47% from thos e obtai.ned in the leading term approximati.on,indicating that the latter approximati on is not in general very good. The convergence to oct) of the perturbation series in the high temperature limit appears satisfactory.