• Attemped asymmetric dehydration with chiral carbodiimides /|nMin-jen Shiao. -- 260 0 St. Catharines [Ont. : s. n.],

      Shiao, Min-jen.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1977-07-09)
      This research work has been planned with the intention of synthesizing optically active bicyclo[3,l,0]-hexan-2-one using chiral carbodiimides. Several carbodiimides have been prepared for practice and for attempts at asymmetric induction. The total synthesis of dibenzo[e,g]- (l:3)diazonine and the partial synthesis of l:13-dimethyldibenzo[e,g]- (l:3)diazonine are reported. Attempts to resolve 6,6f-dimethyl-2,2t-diphenic acid were not successful. The NMR spectra of carbodiimides and the related thioureas are compared. The reaction transition state of the 4-hydroxycyclohexanone with optically pure R,R(+)-di(a-phenylethyl)-carbodiimide has been considered. The ORD application to chiral cyclohexanones is discussed.