• The characterization of new benzimidazole fungicides /

      Lundrigan, John A.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1997-05-21)
      Extensive studies have been initiated to generate enough data to register the methyl homologue (MBC-MIC, see List of Abbreviations, page 14) of benomyl (MBC-BIC) as a commercial product through a joint effort between the federal government and Canadian industry. The objective of this study, as part of the whole project, was to generate fundamental data on the physical properties of the series of benomyl homologues (MBC-MIC, MBC-EIC, MBC-PIC and MBC-BIC). These data include the half lives of these compounds in water at the pH range from 2 to 12; they ranged from 0.7 to 10. 1 hours. Standard solutions of these compounds in concentrated acid were found to be stable for at least two weeks, and in the case of MBC-MIC it was stable at least 1 month. Another major goal of this study was to determine the solubility of each compound in water at different pHs in the range of 1 to 12. The solubility of the compounds ranged from 0.6 jig/mL to 396 fig/mL. In addition, it was possible to prepare stable stock solutions at concentrations > 1 000 |ig/mL in concentrated nitric acid. Several aspects of analytical methods have been improved to accurately assess the solubility and rate of degradation of benomyl and its homologues in alkaline conditions. The determination of melting points was attempted but all compounds decomposed before melting.To complement the studies of the benomyl homologue series attempts were made to explore the presence of any relationships between the structures of the compounds and their properties. Although there were some exceptions, the compound's solubility decreased and half life increased as the molecular size increased from the methyl to the butyl analogue.