• Some electrical properties of semi-conductor crystals / |nPhyu Phyu Khin. -- 260 St. Catharines, Ont. : [s. n.],

      Khin, Phyu Phyu.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1972-07-09)
      SiC and AtB 12 have been prepared and their resistivities and Hall voltages measured. The resistivities and Hall voltages were measured by the Van der Pauw's method, using spring loaded tungsten contacts. In this method, the major requirement is to have samples of plane parallel surfaces of arbitrary shape with four small contacts at the circumference. Similar measurements were made with a number of SiC crystals obtained from the Norton Research Corporation (Canada)-Ltd., Carolina Aluminum Co., Exolon Co. and Carborundum Co. It was found that resistivity, carrier concentration and mobility of ions depend on the type of impurity. AtB 12 was prepared from the melt containing At and B in the ratio of 4:1. They formed amber-colour pseudo tetragonal crystals. As the crystals obtained were small for electrical measurements, hot pressed lumps have been used to measure their resistivity.