• Total synthesis of (S)-4-hydroxy-[a]-Lapachone

      Jia, Qi.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1994-07-09)
      (S)-4-Hydroxy-a-lapachone has been prepared for the first time. The commercially available compound 2-acetyl-1-naphthol was used as the starting material. The synthesis involved methylation, followed by Baeyer-Villiger oxidation, and hydrolysis of the acetate to give 1-methoxy-2-naphthol. After protecting of the hydroxyl group, t-BuLi was used to form 3-(3',3'-dimethyl-acryloyl)-1- meth oxy-2- (meth oxymethoxy)-naphthalen e. eycl izationand oxidation then gave 4-keto-a-lapachone. Finally enzymic biotransformation by Mortierella isabellina ATCC 42613 was used to yield the target compound. The enantiomeric excess of the product was determined to be ~98% by using 1H NMR chiral shift analysis. The overall yield is 80/0. The biological activity of (S)-4-hydroxy-alapachone and its acetate are under investigation.