• Enantiodivergent chemoenzymatic synthesis of Balanol and approaches to the synthesis of (+)-Codine

      Gilmet, Jacqueline; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 2010-10-25)
      The present thesis reviews the development of a formal enantiodivergent synthesis of the (+)- and (-)-isomers of balanol. This approach commences from a cis-dihydrodiol derived from the enzymatic dihydroxylation of bromobenzene. The stereochemistry of the diol is used to direct the synthesis of two different aziridines, each used in the formal synthesis of one enantiomer of balanol. Also described are several enantioselective approaches to (+ )-codeine. Each strategy begins with the enzymatic dihydroxylation of p-bromoethylbenzene and involves a Mitsunobu inversion and intramolecular Heck reaction as key steps.