• Attempted asymmetric synthesis of Lactobacillic acid / |nFawzy F. Z. Georges. -- 260 St. Catharines, Ont. : [s. n.],

      Georges, Fawzy Fayez Zaky.; Department of Chemistry (Brock University, 1973-07-09)
      This research work has been planned with the intention of proving the absolute configuration of lactobacillc acid. During the course of this work, attempts have been made to synthesize cis-2-carboxycyclopropane- l-.acetic acid as,v,a suitable resolvable material. As the results were not satisfactory, the synthesis of ci,s-2-carboxycyclopropane-l-propionic acid has been alternatively attempted by ring opening of bicyclo- [4.1.~-heptan-2-onewithout much success. Attempts to resolve or prepare bicyclo[ 4.1.~-hePtan-2-one optically active are also reported. On the other hand, a complete scheme is described for the possible synthesis of optically active lactobacillic acid. If only bicyclo- ~.1.~ -heptan-2-one can be resolved or prepared optically active, this described scheme can be applied smoothly to the synthesis of enant~omeric lactobacillic acid.