• Animal Cruelty Officers and the Intersections of Daily Labour and the Law

      Nicholls, Bridget; Social Justice and Equity Studies Program
      This study explores the relationship between animal cruelty investigation work and the legal terrain. Specifically, I analyze how Ontario’s animal cruelty investigation officers understand and navigate the legal requirements of their work. A convenience sample of eight animal cruelty investigation officers participated in this study. The data was viewed through an interspecies solidarity and gendered labour process lens. The results show that there are significant structural and interpersonal constraints, particularly mixed levels of support from the Crown Attorneys and veterinarians. At the same time, the officers exercise their agency to try and improve the efficacy of animal cruelty enforcement and prosecution. Overall, the structural constraints and the exercise of agency are both central to the officers’ daily labour. This study grounds the findings in solutions and proposes ways to strengthen anti-cruelty work.