• The relationship of individual, team and organizational learning in Ontario hospital clinical labratories

      Tanyaovalaksna, Sumeth; Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education (Brock University, 2011-05-17)
      I t is generally accepted among scholars that individual learning and team learning contribute to the concept we refer to as organizational learning. However, a small number of quantitative and qualitative studies that have investigated their relationship reported contradicting results. This thesis investigated the relationship between individual learning, team learning, and organizational learning. A survey instrument was used to collect information on individual learning, team learning, and organizational learning. The study sample comprised of supervisors from the clinical laboratories in teaching hospitals and community hospitals in Ontario. The analyses utilized a linear regression to investigate the relationship between individual and team learning. The relationship between individual and organizational learning, and team and organizational learning were simultaneously investigated with canonical correlation and set correlation. T-test and multivariate analysis of variance were used to compare the differences in learning scores of respondents employed by laboratories in teaching and those employed by community hospitals. The study validated its tests results with 1,000 bootstrap replications. Results from this study suggest that there are moderate correlations between individual learning and team learning. The correlation individual learning and organizational learning and team learning and organizational learning appeared to be weak. The scores of the three learning levels show statistically significant differences between respondents from laboratories in teaching hospitals and respondents from community hospitals.