• Deviance of syntax in oral languages and oral reading behavior

      Bordan, Ziona S.; Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education (Brock University, 1980-07-09)
      The major hypothesis of this paper is that any deviance in syntax present in oral language will be evident in oral r eading behaviour. Using Lee and Canter's Developmental i 1 Sentence Scoring technique (1971) and Y. Goodman and Burke's Reading Miscue Inventory (1972) linguistic competence was established in t hree male children. ages 10 to 11. patterns of strengths and weaknesses in reading were determined. and the relationships t hat were established, were examined. Results of the study i ndicate that oral language behaviour is closely tied to oral r eading behaviour. This type of approach can be used as a basis for a diagnosis of a reading difficulty and then a prescription for language and reading skills.