• Mechanisms for sustainable accountability : a case study of a nonprofit educational organization

      Thompson, Catherine M; Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education (Brock University, 2010-10-26)
      A qualitative case study of the capacity to be accountable in one nonprofit intennediary educational organization yielded an emergent conceptual framework of four mechanisms: structural, governing, communicative, and educative mechanisms to build and sustain the capacity of accountability. Drawing attention to the purposeful creation of structures that support accountability, purposeful navigation of the complex matrix of accountability relationships, and purposeful transfer of knowledge to infonn future accountability, this study calls for mindfulness in practice in broader educational contexts. Protocols to pass on knowledge gained in building the four capacities reveal a new dimension of accountability: continuity. In this model, the educative mechanism is the life force that feeds the other three mechanisms to increase accountability and sustain it over time.