• The perceptions of play among educators in kindergarten and grade one classrooms /

      Smith, Shelley.; Department of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies in Education (Brock University, 2006-06-04)
      This qualitative study focuses on the role of play in primary education, and was designed to determine and understand the perceptions of play among primary educators who are teachers in kindergarten and grade one classrooms. In attempting to understand how primary educators use play in their classrooms, the following findings emerged. Educators struggle in primary grades to support play in the classroom because of a lack of a clear understanding of what play is. Further, teachers face several oppositions to using play in the classroom. Much of the opposition arises from a concern for classroom management as well as negative parental views towards play. Additionally, the teachers from this study feel that there is limited support available for them to implement a curriculum that includes play. Despite support from academic research, indicating that children, particularly in the primary grades, benefit greatly from play, the place for play in the curriculum is not secure. In this study, strategies that would assist and support primary educators in using play in their classrooms are suggested.