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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Chantal
dc.descriptionThe Treaty of Ghent ended the War of 1812 between the United States and Great Britain, which was largely fought in the British colony of Canada. Peace negotiations began in Ghent in August 1814 but an agreement was not reached until December 24, 1814. The agreement essentially restored the status quo for both countries. The Treaty of Ghent was ratified in February 1815.en_US
dc.description.abstractAn issue of the Essex Register dated November 16, 1814 featuring a map of the Great Lakes and of the North Western Territory with an extensive article on the negotiations to end the War of 1812 and how this may affect the boundary between Canada and the United States. The article title reads “Don’t Give up the Soil: England demands of us Two Hundred & Twenty Millions of Acres!” The article fills the first page and begins “We have very carefully examined the Communications from our respectable Envoys at Ghent, and have particularly noticed the demands of the enemy. It appears they want a new boundary line. It will be very well to understand this new proposed boundary line distinctly. To enable our readers to have a view on the whole ground we present them with a “Map of the Lakes”, and the territory connected with them”. The article proceeds to outline proposed boundary changes that the writer feels are unfair and concludes “We are not prepared for this degradation…we invoke the spirit of Washington to inspire our countrymen with wisdom, courage and patriotism to resist such infernal propositions. We must wage an interminable war with the plunderers of the world, rather than submit to such infamous demands.”en_US
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dc.subjectCanada--History--War of 1812en_US
dc.subjectUnited States--History--War of 1812en_US
dc.titleEssex Register, November 16, 1814en_US

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