A collection of newspaper articles published throughout the year 1946 by The Standard. The series content focused on the post World War II impact on industry in the Niagara area. Each article focuses on one specific company including: Imperial Iron Corporation Ltd., Skillcraft Metal Products, Foster Wheeler Limited, Grout's Limited, Court Radiator Plant Limited, Packard Electric Company, Conroy Manufacturing Company Limited, McKinnon Columbus Chain Limited, Spun Rock Wools Limited, The F. P. Weaver Coal Company Limited, The Canada Block Company, Ontario Paper Company, Empire-Hanna Coal Company Limited, Engineering Tool and Forgings Limited, The Beaver Company Limited, The Beaver Wood Fibre Company Limited, Nubone Corset Company of Canada Limited, Guaranty Silk Dyeing and Finishing Company, Welland Vale Manufacturing Company Limited, English Electric Company of Canada Limited, and The Yale and Towne Manufacturing Company.

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