George Thomas Rickard (1885-1945) was born in London, Ontario. He studied at Western University in London before attending the American College of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri. His education was interrupted when he served during the first World War, but he resumed his studies after he returned. While attending college, he met fellow student Cora Fowler (1885- 1959), whom he married in 1919. The couple settled in Bucklin, Kansas, where Dr. Rickard opened a practice. He continued practicing until his death in 1945, and lived with his family on a ranch where they farmed and raised animals. George Rickard also served as mayor of Bucklin for eight years.

George and Cora Rickard had a daughter, Mary Margaret Rickard (1923-1952). After high school she attended Colorado Women’s College, and later studied at the University of Kansas at Lawrence. In 1946 she married Richard Patterson and in 1948 they had a daughter, Mary Linda (1948-2019). Sadly, the family was involved in a serious car accident on February 24, 1952 and both Richard and Mary Margaret were killed. Their 3-year-old daughter Mary Linda survived but was seriously injured.

George Rickard had four brothers: John Johnston Rickard (1882-?); William Nicholas Rickard Jr. (1887-1959); Frederick Stanley Rickard (1890-?); and Robert “Bert” Walter Rickard (1891-?). John was a storekeeper in Quebec. William, Frederick, and Robert all lived in the Niagara area at some point and worked as electricians in local powerhouses. Robert’s wife, Grace Mercedes McGrail, operated “Shady Maples”, a home for tourists on Lundy’s Lane in Niagara Falls.

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