• Immunohistochemical study of laterodorsal tegmental neurons active during 22kHz vocalization /

      Savoy, Alison E.; Department of Biological Sciences (Brock University, 2005-06-29)
      An ascending cholinergic projection, which originates in the laterodorsal tegmental nucleus (LDT), was implicated in the initiation of ultrasonic vocalization. The goal of this study was to histochemically examine the activity the LDT following ultrasonic calls induced by two methods. It was hypothesized that cholinergic LDT cells would be more active during air puffinduced vocalization than carbachol-induced one. Choline acetyltransferase (ChAT), and cFos protein were visualized histochemically as markers of cholinergic calls and cellular activity, respectively. Results indicated that animals vocalizing after carbachol, but not after air puff, had a significantly higher number of Fos labeled nuclei within the LDT than non vocalizing controls. A significantly higher number of doublelabeled neurons were discovered in the LDT of vocalizing animals (in both groups) as compared to control conditions. Thus, there were significantly more active cholinergic cells in the LDT of vocalizing than non-vocalizing rats for both methods of call induction.