Recent Submissions

  • The Spirit of the Times

    William L. Daly; Stewart Alexander (editor), 1830-09-02
    A summary of the debate in Parliament regarding the regency of England following the death of William the Fourth, includes discussion of the Salique law and Princess Victoria’s right to reign; an update of the invasion of Algiers; a list of titles and distinctions of the late King George IV; Rules and regulations of the Niagara Races; an advertisement for The Alciope, the newest and largest steam boat on Lake Ontario captained by James McKenzie
  • The Spirit of the Times

    William L. Daly; Stewart Alexander (editor), 1830-08-05
    An extract from Sir R. Peel’s speech on “the Emancipation of the Jews”; a Proclamation from King Charles; correspondence from Venezuela noting that the Republic of Columbia had been dissolved and General Flores was named the Supreme Chief; an update on the French invasion of Algiers; an article noting that the American schooner “Erie” successfully passed through the Welland Canal, this was the first full navigation season that the canal was operational for; a letter to the editor, from Hugh Richardson promoting the installation of a wet dock near Fort George; an ad for the Niagara Turf Club; a bank note table indicating various circulating currencies; a large earthquake in Guatemala with aftershocks lasting five days after the event; advertisement for the Canal Hotel; list of rates of passage on the Lake Ontario steam boat “Niagara”
  • The Spirit of the Times

    William L. Daly; Stewart Alexander (editor), 1830-06-24
    Minutes of Niagara District Agricultural Society from June 7th including list of Directors of the Society; an update of the meeting of the Sabbath School Society at Pine Grove including list of officers appointed; Donald Bruce accidentally shot by neighbour William Mackenzie; a brief report from the Montreal Herald that nearly 8,000 emigrants have recently arrived in Quebec via steamboat; a note that King George IV is not expected to live through the summer; an article promoting the importance of vaccination against Small Pox; short story “The Fugitive – a Tale” by L. Wilmer; Mr. Comyn executed in Limerick on April 28th for forgery;