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    • The Spectator 8 November 1816

      Amos McKenney, 1816-11-08
      List of military pensioners including name, rank, regiment, place wounded and pension amount; List of widows and orphaned children admitted as military pensioners; official announcement that The Spectator Office has been relocated to St. Catharines noting an accusation of libel against the publisher
    • The Spectator 25 October 1816

      $500 reward offered to anyone with knowledge of intentional fire set in Grantham; notice of meeting of the Niagara Bible Society; list of military pensioners from the Militia Pension Agent including name, rank, regiment, place wounded, and amount of pension; list of widows and orphans admitted as militia pensioners; extracts of census data from 1815 of British colonies including Dominica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados, Jamaica, Antigua; advertisement for the Queenston Fair
    • The Spectator 16 March 1816

      Amos McKenney, 1816-03-16
      An announcement from the Provincial Parliament of Lower Canada that Parliament has been prorogued
    • The Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1816-03-15
      Publisher’s note to the public, committing to accurate and unbiased writing; trade ban on all American goods except produce, goods to be purchased from Great Britain; a song published based on the Battle of Toulouse; extract from a speech from Mr. King in the House of Representatives, Congress regarding reducing the country’s standing army; article regarding a bill making compensation to Canadian refugees; article promoting the use of the Kine Pock vaccine (also known as Cow Pox) to inoculate against Small Pox; marriage announcement of Amos McKenney to Phoebe Camp of 20 Mile Creek
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-12-11
      A supplement to the December 11, 1817 Niagara Spectator. A two-page list of officers and militia who have been disabled by hard labour or wounded in action. List includes name, rank, regiment, date wounded, and amount of pension
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-02-28
      Speech from the Legislative Council and House of Assembly noting the end of war in Europe, limited grain supplies to feed the province; a page of news from England including concerns of grain shortage; U.S. House of Representatives pass bill to open Erie Canal from lake Erie to the Hudson; list of prices at Montreal market
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-06-27
      A speech from the Anniversary Meeting of the Bible Society in Newcastle England (one page); note from the Spectator that the office will be moving from St. Catharines to Niagara; note that the new President of the United States, Mr. Monroe, has begun touring the Northern States; notice that residents who have lost the deeds or titles to their homes during the War of 1812 may apply for replacements; article "Supplementary List of Widows and Children admitted as Pensioners, between the 10th of September and this date" which includes name of Widow, name and rank of Husband; article "Supplementary List of Persons belonging to the Militia Forces disabled by Wounds received on Actual Service, or from accidents occurring while on duty..." includes name of pensioner, rank, date wounded, and amount owed to them
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-03-21
      An extensive article (nearly 1/2 the entire paper), that appears to be part of a series, regarding conversations between Napoleon Bonaparte and surgeon Mr. Warden; a report from the Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada's House of Assembly considering an article published in the Spectator to be malicious libel against the House of Assembly; a list of market prices in Montreal;
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-08-21
      A tree falling caused a fatal accident causing the death of John Mahorney, and Irish immigrant, near 12 mile creek; extensive coverage from Liverpool on the acquittal of James Watson for charges of high treason; the British dismantle their naval forces on the Great Lakes due to mutual understanding following the War of 1812
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-10-16
      Notice of Niagara Coffee House opened by James Rogers on Queen Street; the Spectator announces opening a newspaper reading room above the printing office; an article (translated to English) documents the protest of Ex-Empress Maria Louisa against the occupation of the French throne by the Bourbon dynasty;
    • The Spectator

      Includes an article noting that the Provincial Parliament of Upper Canada was to take action to ward off famine, as last years harvest was poor; short update on the war in St. Domingo; extensive letter from James Durand, running for Provincial Parliament for the county of Wentworth; several letters to the editor responding to a former letter "a Subscribe to the Loyal and Patriotic Society"
    • The Niagara Spectator

      Amos McKenney, 1817-12-11
      This paper includes: "List of Widows whose Husbands have been Killed in Action or by any Casualty or Accident while on Duty, or have Died of Wounds received in Action, or from Disease contracted on Actual Service during the late War with the United States of America"; "List of Orphan Children whose Fathers have been killed in Action, or have died from Wounds received, is Disease contracted on Service."; it is noted that the first number of The Gleaner and Niagara Newspaper was recently published
    • The Spectator

      Sale ads for farm land, notice of house robbery in St. Davids, international news