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    • The Canadian Argus and Niagara Spectator 2 November 1820

      William B. Peters, 1820-11-02
      A continuation of coverage of the trial of Queen Caroline, the coverage is extensive taking up more than a full page of the newspaper; an article noting several shipwrecks over the month of October including the American Schooner Franklin, the Schooner Zephyr and the Schooner Elizabeth with fatalities in the range of 23 to 27; new police regulations in the Town of Niagara limit the sale of bread without approval and licensing; the Niagara Coffee-House, previously owned by the late James Rogers is reopened as a Public House by Charles Koune on September 20, 1920; Richmond House is opened by William Lyons as a House of Public Entertainment in the Town of York
    • The Canadian Argus and Niagara Spectator - 10 April 1820

      William B. Peters, 1820-04-10
      From British news, Arthur Thistlewood is charged with High Treason and Willful Murder of Richard Smithers; three separate articles from General Antonio Quiroga addressed to the Spanish people from the National Army. From United States news, a mail carrier was robbed and killed in Baltimore. In Niagara news Robert Hamilton runs for the Third Riding of Lincoln and the District of Niagara
    • The Canadian Argus and Niagara Spectator

      William B. Peters, 1820-03-02
      The first newspaper in this collection with the new name and printer/publisher: The Canadian Argus and Niagara Spectator, by William B. Peters Advertisements for Mrs. Roberts’ Young Ladies’ Boarding School including terms and prices; a letter to the Editor from Geo. A. Ball condemning the Editor for printing a private letter regarding the Electors of Grantham specifically critiquing the actions of Ralfe Clench, Esq; legal case from Halifax in which the acting Attorney General attempted to prevent the accused’s representative from replying to the evidence set forth by the Crown; list of names of those who have mail to pick up at the Dundas post office;
    • Niagara Spectator 5 August 1819

      B. Ferguson, 1819-08-05
      An article from London regarding bullion versus bank notes; Mr. Forsyth is appointed Minister of the United States; excerpt from Jose de San Martin’s (Commander in Chief of the united armies of the Andes and Chile) address; an article on the competition between the Dutch and the English for trade in East India; arrival in Franklin, Mo. of the steam boat Independence, the first steam boat that attempted ascending the Missouri River; a note that crops in Niagara have exceeded yield expectations due to excellent weather;
    • Niagara Spectator 29 July 1819

      B. Ferguson, 1819-07-29
      An article of the House of Commons vote on Catholic emancipation, the motion was rejected by two votes; letter to the editor in favour of the “Gagging Laws”; an article acknowledging the recent arrest of the publisher of the Spectator for libel against the Governor and Provincial Parliament, Mr. Ferguson accuses Sheriff Merritt of treating the publisher poorly during his time in jail; a list of Bills that have received Royal Assent
    • Niagara Spectator July 1819

      B. Ferguson, 1819-07
      An account of a schooner wreck, the schooner departed from Fort George and hit rapids on the St. Lawrence; an article discussing the deteriorating economy in England, notes the impact of the revolution in 1810 in Spanish America; a letter to the Editor written from the Niagara Jail, appears to be written by Robert Gourlay; several articles related to Robert Gourlay; an article on the cession of the Floridas to the United States by Spain;
    • Niagara Spectator 27 May 1819

      B. Ferguson, 1819-05-27
      Advertisement for the new Niagara Mansion House Hotel located on Prideaux Street in the Town of Niagara, operated by John Brown; an article regarding the conduct of United States General Andrew Jackson in the Seminole War, from London
    • Niagara Spectator 4 February 1819

      Pawling & Ferguson, 1819-02-04
      Third and fourth pages of the paper in poor condition, several small pieces of the paper missing. Conclusion of the speech from the New York Legislature, started in the paper published January 28th; correspondence between the Lieut. Governor and several members of the Township of Haldimand regarding several complaints including extensive delays in land granting; letter to the editor in response to accusations made by Mr. Gourlay in a previous paper, last page of article missing, no name of author of the letter; advertisement for a new Kingston newspaper titled The Upper-Canada Herald
    • Niagara Spectator 28 January 1819

      Pawling & Ferguson, 1819-01-28
      Proposal for establishing a circulating library in the Town of Niagara including a list of regulations; part one of a two-part speech from the New York Legislature; letter to the editor from Robert Gourlay; multiple advertisements for a Sheriff’s sale including the sale of two seized lots near the Niagara Court House; an article from a London paper indicating the proper dress code for mourning the death of a Queen, following the death of Queen Caroline in November 1818.
    • Niagara Spectator 17 December 1818

      Pawling & Ferguson, 1818-12-17
      Text faded and difficult to read, very limited OCR available An article regarding an act to amend the law in force for licensing public houses; an article noting that the publication of Mr. Gourlay’s last two letters (unsigned) resulted in the editors of the paper being charged with seditious libel by Isaac Swayze;
    • Niagara Spectator 11 December 1818

      Pawling & Ferguson, 1818-12-11
      A message from the President of the United States regarding negotiating a trade agreement with Great Britain
    • Niagara Spectator 3 December 1818

      B. Ferguson, 1818-12-03
      Extensive list of new books for sale by B. F. & Co.; a short article notes the deteriorating health of King George III noting he is completely blind and holds conversations with himself; part of an article by Robert Gourlay “Gagg’d by Jingo” is published in response to Isaac Swayze being re-elected; a list of Bills which have received Royal Assent
    • Niagara Spectator 1 October 1818

      B. Ferguson, 1818-10-01
      First paper on record printed and published by B. Ferguson Extensive list of new books for sale by B. F. & Co.; a one-page article from Robert Gourlay following his release from jail; the Earl and Countess of Selkirk arrived in Niagara after attending a trial in Sandwich between the Earl and the North West Company; note that preparations are underway for the October Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle
    • The Spectator 6 August 1818

      Amos McKenny, 1818-08-06
      One page titled “To The Labouring Poor of England”; the Duke of Richmond and Sir Peregrine Maitland arrive in Quebec; letter to the editor from Robert Gourlay Paper in poor condition
    • The Spectator 18 June 1818

      Amos McKenney, 1818-06-18
      Speech of John Graves Simcoe, Lieut. Governor of Upper Canada regarding the first session of the Legislature; an article titled “Bonaparte’s Reply to Lord Bathurst’s Speech”; an article from London regarding Harriet Skelton who was charged with passing forged bank notes and was sentenced to death; an article from London regarding the House of Commons passing the Indemnity Bill
    • The Spectator 11 June 1818

      Amos McKenney, 1818-06-11
      Resolution, Addresses of the Commons House of Assembly and the Legislative Council during the last session of Parliament (continued); details of The King v. General Gore from London; several articles related to George Canning, President of the Board of Control in England; copy of a letter from Princess Charlotte to her mother, the Princess of Wales dated October 1817
    • The Spectator 28 May 1818

      Notice that the Spectator would be available for distribution in Fort Erie and Ancaster by George and Frederick Young; Resolution, Addresses of the Commons House of Assembly and the Legislative Council during the last session of Parliament; part seven of a series called “The Traveller” noting the bad climate of Canada compared to Britain, noting the lack of resources such as libraries available in Canada; article from the Kingston Gazette denouncing Robert Gourlay, Esq.; article from Montreal notes Colin Robertson, John Spencer, J. P. Bourke and Louis Nolin were arrested with charged brought against them by the Northwest Company
    • The Spectator 14 May 1818

      Notice of sale of the Beaver Dams Tavern in Thorold by John McClellan; a hurricane strikes Liverpool; a draft address to be presented to George, Price of Wales; the new Royal Mint opens in London; 18 inches of snow fall in Montreal
    • The Spectator 9 April 1818

      Amos McKenney, 1818-04-09
      Article “Abolition of the Slave Trade by the King of Spain” dated December 1817; discussion of the prorogued of Parliament; rules of the District Common Schools in the District of Niagara including length of the school day and use of corporal punishment
    • The Spectator 1 January 1818

      List of military pensioners including name, rank, regiment, place wounded and pension amount. Two pages long.