Select publications from the Spectator, published in St. Catharines in 1816-1820. 35mm microfilm digitized with OCR software. The paper was published every Friday morning. Early Issues were published first in St. Davids then in St. Catharines. It also was called Canadian Argus and Niagara Spectator in 1819. The contents include: lists of widows and orphans admitted as militia pensioners; lists of orphaned children whose fathers have been killed in action; notice of the move of the office of the Standard to the village of St. Catharines; extract of a speech in the House of Representative to maintain a standing army; discussion of a bill to reimburse Canadians who joined the United Stated army during the war of 1812 for goods abandoned when they fled; discussion of Kine Pock and Small Pox inoculation