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dc.contributor.authorCameron, Chantal
dc.descriptionJohn Robert Cooke (1866-1934) was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario representing Hastings North from 1911-1934. He was named to the Hydro Electric Power Commission in 1923 and served as chairman from 1931 to 1934.en_US
dc.description.abstractA printed letter written by J.R. Cooke, chairman of the hydro-electric power commission of Ontario, dated at Toronto, April 20, 1934. The letter is addressed “to those associated with the work of the ‘Hydro’ Utilities”. The letter concerns problems the Commission has had with public perception. It begins “although from its commencement Ontario’s municipally-owned Hydro undertaking has not been free from misrepresentation and has had to meet numerous attacks, yet during the last few years special effort has been made through various agencies to discount the achievements, and to place some of the affairs under the administration of the Hydro Commission before public attention in an unfavorable light”. Cooke uses the examples of the purchase of the Madawaska properties, the purchase of the Dominion Power and Transmission properties, and the purchase of power by the Commission from the Beauharnois Light Heat and Power Company to illustrate his point. These transactions were the subject of scrutiny and criticism, despite the findings of judges composing the Royal Commission. He adds that he has enclosed copies of a summary of the Royal Commission’s findings and asks that they be distributed and used for reference as needed. He concludes the letter by saying that “there are indications pointing to a renewal of intensified effort directed against this public institution. It is hoped that you may see your way clear to give Hydro matters further personal attention and assist in maintaining confidence in this great co-operative undertaking that has been so beneficial to the public of this Province, and the continued development of which is so essential to the advancement of our social, industrial and general welfare”.en_US
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dc.subjectOntario Hydro Electric Power Commissionen_US
dc.titleLetter by J.R. Cooke, April 20, 1934en_US

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