• Aerial photograph of Bright's Wines Limited

      An aerial photograph of Bright's Wines Limited, showing front of building, parking lot, railway line and surrounding homes and farms.
    • Annual Report for the Year End March 31st, 1955

      T.G. Bright & Co., Ltd. (1955)
      The annual report for T.G. Bright and Co. Ltd and subsidiary companies for the year 1955.
    • Annual Reprot T.G. Bright and Co., Limited 1970

      T.G. Bright & Co., Ltd. (1970)
      An annual report for T.G. Bright and Co. Ltd and subsidiary companies for the year 1970.
    • Black and white negative of worker ploughing field with horse

      A black and white negative of a worker ploughing a field manually with a horse.
    • Brights Wine Staff, circa 1940

      circa 1940
      A photograph of forty two employees of Brights Wines, standing and sitting in a field. On one side is a horse and the other a small tractor.
    • Brights Wines - Leaders in Canadian Wine Making - Fine Canadian Wines since 1874

      Hostetter, George W.B. (1981-10-08)
      A typed notice by George W.B. Hostetter about the accomplishments of Bright Wines over the years. He created a list of seventeen "firsts" or important facts about Bright Wines.
    • Colour negative of three workers pressing grapes

      A colour negative showing three men working to press grapes.
    • Cultural Practices for Niagara Vineyards, 1958

      Hostetter, George W.B. (1958-04-24)
      A manual written by George W.B. Hostetter with a letter attached. The manual is titled "Cultural Practices for Niagara Vineyards" and includes diagrams. The manual is separated into the following chapters: I - Establishing the vineyard, II - Planting a new vineyard, III - Care of the young vineyard, IV - Pruning, V - Soil Management, VI - Insect and disease control.
    • The Effect of Industrial and Urban Development on Grape Production in the Niagara Peninsula

      Hostetter, George W.B. (1956-03-22)
      A report discussing the effect of industrial expansion on grape production in the Niagara Region post World War II. Hostetter includes tables with projected loss of acreage due to urban expansion and the types of soils that would be lost for grape growing.
    • Grape Disease and Insect Problems in 1956

      Hostetter, George W.B. (1956-04-23)
      A report produced by George W. B. Hostetter about the grape disease and insect issues of 1956. Hostetter discusses Dead-Arm disease, downy mildew, powdery mildew, and grape berry moths.
    • Improved Pruning and Training Practices for Grapes

      Hostetter, George W.B. (1955-01)
      A report by George W.B. Hostetter discussing balanced pruning which is a "refinement of present pruning methods to secure an increase in yield, and can be used with any training system". Hostetter charts out the number of buds to leave when pruning and also mentions new methods of training (four or six-arm Kniffin, Fan, Chautauqua).
    • Kold Beer - Libations

      Hostetter, George W.B. (n.d.)
      An article by George W.B. Hostetter about the recent development of micro-breweries in Ontario. He specifically discusses Sculler Brewing Company run by Michael Driscoll. Driscoll acquired the experience of Brewmaster George Kold to assist to produce a premium beer and (at the time) was the only brewery set to use the complete German technique for beer production.
    • Letter to grape growers from T.G. Bright & Co., Ltd., 19 March 1936

      T.G. Bright & Co., Ltd. (1936-03-19)
      A letter to grape growers in Niagara from T.G. Bright & Co., Ltd. asking that they sign a card to the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to lower the retail price of wine. The industry was seeing a loss in sales and the winey was hoping that consumption would increase again if the retail price was lowered.
    • Members of the Canadian Wine Institute, 1965

      Photograph of members of the Canadian Wine Institute on the occasion of dinner at the Niagara Falls Club in 1965.
    • "Models at Harvest Time"

      A photograph of two women picking grapes in the vineyard. There is a Bright's Wine Limited crate between them filled with grapes. The photograph has been titled "Models at Harvest Time".
    • Negative of Art Neff checking moisture level of young vine cuttings in the nursery

      A negative of Art Neff checking moisture level of young vine cuttings in the nursery. Neff was the Manager of Grape Research at Bright's Wine for over 30 years.
    • Niagara Grape and Wine Festival 40th Anniversary, September 20th-29th, 1991

      A collection of pictures and articles commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival. The booklet contains: A message from the Festival Staff, advertisements from sponsors, an article on Jonathan Welsh (Honourary Parade Marshall), benefactors of the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival, Royal Order of the Grape - Donald Ziraldo, celebratory luncheon article to honour Dr. Terry White, A message from King William, 1990 Festival Queen's Address (Christie Salmon), list of past Grape Kings, Mr. Grape article, events program, 1991 Queen Contestants, Salute to 40th Anniversary, Grape and Wine Festival Royal Family, winery map, winery highlights (Andres Wines Ltd, Brights, Cartier Wines and Beverages, Chateau des Charmes, Ferndale Vineyards Inc., Henry of Pelham, Inniskillin Wines, Konzelmann, London Winery, Reif Estate Winery, Vineland Estate Wines, Stoney Ridge Cellars, Welch's, Wiley Brothers Ltd, Hillebrand Esates Winery).
    • Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Program, 1952

      A copied program for the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival of 1952.
    • Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Program, 1971

      City of St. Catharines; Canadian Wine Institute; Ontario Grape Growers (1971)
      A program for the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival of 1971.
    • Niagara Grape and Wine Festival Program, 1979

      A program for the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival of 1979.