The Media Art Other podcasts were designed to explore the various practices of media arts professionals who work in everything from web art, sound art and video to artists and curators who explore media art theory. Media Art Other was generously funded by the Humanities Research Institute at Brock University and are intended to enhance our understanding of otherness using media art examples as platforms for expressing differences that include: identity, disability, arts, media, art design, and interfaces, environmental otherness, indigeneity, and post-colonialism. Each artist and curator brings unique perspectives and scholarship to the fields of curation and media art practice. Included in the webpage will be linked to the researchers and organizations associated with each guest.

Recent Submissions

  • Media Art Other Episode 5

    Ouellette, Troy (2021-07-28)
    In this episode, Professor Cook will speak about some of her curatorial projects and focus on the work of Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg. For those who do not know Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg's work, it's important to note that this particular artist is at the forefront of creating artistic projects that work in conjunction with artificial intelligence --- she examines subjects as wide-ranging as machine learning, synthetic and evolutionary biology and ecology. She challenges notions of progress and extends the envelope of media art beyond what we would generally associate it with. These include: the sub-genres of VR and Augmented Reality, Sensory Art, Robotics, Sound Art and Bio Art – to name a few.
  • Media Art Other - Episode 4

    Anderson Wilson Projects is comprised of Curator, Shannon Anderson and Design Professor, Jay Wilson. In this podcast they speak about their collaborative curatorial process, the artists they have worked with, and talk about their digital web-work produced through the pandemic.
  • Media Art Other - Episode 3

    Ouellette, Troy (2021-06-09)
    In this third episode, I am pleased to present Sound Artist and Researcher Kevin Curtis-Norcross. Over the course of his career, he has captured forest ecologies in 18 countries over the past 40 years. From Sweden to central and South America and across Canada, Kevin has documented various ecosystems that draw our attention to the real wonders of the world - those being the life forces of insects, animals and plants that populate and continue to negotiate the changing biodiversity in the Anthropocene. Kevin’s recordings are usually done in an acoustically uncontrolled environment (traditionally called the “field”) hence field recording, which presents various challenges even to professional sound artists. In the work of Kevin Curtis-Norcross we get a glimpse of how biodiverse our planet really is because we are following the narrative of the species that make up our surroundings. His acoustic ecology recordings also act as a record of the vanishing sonic environments that have flourished over millennia to be captured in the here and now.
  • Media Art Other - Episode 2

    Ouellette, Troy (2021-06-03)
    In this second episode, I present Curator, Dr. Corinna Ghaznavi. Dr. Corinna Ghaznavi, is an independent curator and freelance writer. Since 1997 she has curated exhibitions across Canada. Her writing has been published in Canadian and European art magazines as well as in numerous exhibition catalogues. In 2011 she completed her PhD, which focused on the question of the animal in contemporary art.
  • Media Art Other - Episode 1

    In this first episode, I present Artist and Researcher David Bobier. David has worked in the field of disability art for decades. As a hard-of-hearing and (dis)abled media artist, his creative practice is centred on researching and expanding vibrotactile technology as a creative medium. In 2014 he founded VibraFusion Lab (now renamed Vibrafusion Lab Collective - VFLC) that aims to provide access to inclusive technologies for supporting greater accessibility in the arts. In this podcast, David speaks about his own experiences with (dis)abilities and foregrounds some of the organizations and people he has worked with along the way.