• Differential Vulnerability to Climate Change in the Niagara Region

      Faris, Abbey
      The Niagara Region is experiencing the impacts of climate change. While all residents of Niagara will be affected by the impacts of climate change, some social groups will experience greater impacts than others. This Major Research Paper (MRP) uses large-scale secondary survey data (n=1087) to examine differential vulnerabilities to climactic events in Niagara. Specifically, Kruskal-Wallis and Chi-square statistical analyses were used to determine whether the frequency and severity of extreme heat and household flooding varied across age groups and household income levels. Results show that breaking down the differential vulnerability across age and income groups generated insight into those most vulnerable to flooding and extreme heat. The findings from this research study highlight the impacts that climactic events are having on a local scale within the Niagara Region and which specific social groups are experiencing these extremes.