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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionThe ACF (Anarchist Communist Federation) was based on the premise that the majority of people are manipulated and exploited to benefit the privileged. The group maintain that they are anarchists because they oppose the notion that the political state can be used to protect or promote social revolution. Their view is that privilege and domination is on one side and poverty and subordination are on the other side. They are communists because they believe that the wealth that is produced by society, belongs to society and not to those who own and control the production. Source: The groups which contributed to this bulletin were: Regina ACF from Saskatchewan; Mayday from Evanston, Illinois; Back Rose from Chicago, Illinois; Libertarian Workers Group from New York City; Prairie Anarchist League from Champaign, Illinois; Ypsilanti Anarchist Group (also known as the Nameless Group) from Ypsilanti, Michigan; Rascal from Morgantown, West Virginia; Toronto ACF; Totally Eclipsed from Jordon Station and Hamilton, Ontario; Resurgence from Champaign, Illinois; Syndicalist Alliance from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Bread and Roses from San Franciscoen_US
dc.description.abstractNine copies of the Anarchist Communist Federation (North American) Internal Discussion Bulletin including: Vol.1 no. 7-9, no. 11-12 and vol. 2 no.1-4.en_US
dc.subjectAnarchist Communist Federation Bulletin -- Bruce Allen -- gay rights -- feminism -- Totally Eclipsed -- demonstrators -- abortion -- birth control -- St. Catharines -- Niagara falls -- workersen_US
dc.titleAnarchist Communist Federation (North American) Internal Discussion Bulletin, 1978-1979en_US

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