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dc.contributor.authorAdams, Anne
dc.descriptionTranscription [verbatim] Dear Henry, A very unpleasant passage of two nights and rather more than one day brought me to this place from [illegible], which I left in a few hours after my arrival; my stay here will probably be limited to a very few days more, when I shall proceed to Philadelphia in conformity with my plan of arrangement. Nothing is yet fixed on with regards to the mode of getting home. [G?] Gordon is in treaty for a sloop in which he intends to take passengers and Moorhead talks of going to that conveyance they intend that she shall be of a character which shall hold out no inducement for capture, and as an additional measure of safety to go inside the shoals; for my part I do not much wish the plan; the contract for the carriage remains as when I left you, Moorhead not having been able to find the man referred to. When I get to Philadelphia and have some talk with Uncle Jim on the subject, Will communicate with George, when some definite arrangements may be made. The Tories here chuckle much at the treasonable and infamous surrender of Hull’s army, the pleasure it produced was very discernable in the smiling faces and significant grins of the Tontine patriots: but the subject will no doubt be inquired into, and whether the disaster has originated in the camp or the cabinet, I trust it will meet its reward. The news of this morning has raised the drooping spirits of the Sons of Freedom, the haughty gasconading Capt. of the Guerrier [Guerriere] with his crew are prisoners of war, and his ship safely lodged in the bottom of the ocean, this event will be particularly galling, as that officer when he left Halifax promised on his return to exhibit the identical Hull, whose captain he now is. Enclosed you will receive the lace for Sarah. I do not know whether it is the right kind, but it was got by Mrs. Ryckman in conformity with the memorandum. Please give my best love to Sarah and the family. [illegible] yours Thomas Mendenhallen_US
dc.description.abstract1 letter addressed to Henry Hall from Thomas Mendenhallen_US
dc.subjectHenry Hall -- Thomas Mendenhall -- War of 1812en_US
dc.titleLetter to Henry Hallen_US

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