A photograph of the surviving troops of Thorold No. 2 Company of the Lincoln Militia, who assisted with the maintaining of Camp Thorold in 1866 against the Fenians. The camp had trained over 10,000 men in just over six weeks and would later serve as a practice location for different regiment drills. The barracks were located at Pine and Albert Street. Although the threat of the Fenians did not arrive at Camp Thorold, Company No. 2 was there the day the Town Hall bell rang March 9, 1866 signalling a possible attack on St. Catharines. The photograph was taken in 1893 and includes the names of the 1866 veterans of No. 2 Company.

Click here to view the Camp Thorold Veterans Photograph No. 2 Company finding aid: https://dr.library.brocku.ca/bitstream/handle/10464/14413/Photograph%20of%20Thorold%27s%20no.%202%20Lincoln%20Militia%20-%20RG%20692.pdf?sequence=5&isAllowed=y

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  • Photograph - The 1866 Veterans of No. 2 Company Who Remained in 1893

    Poole, E. (1893)
    A photograph of the 1866 Veterans of No. 2 Company who remained in 1893 standing in front of the Old Firehall on Albert Street in Thorold. The photograph was taken by E. Poole and a copy of the image is included in the Jubilee History of Thorold (SPCL FC 3163.4 T49 1897) with a list of names. The names include: (from left to right) A. H. Preston (Bugler), James Doherty, James Wilkerson, John Pew, James Weeks, James Dale, Isaac McMann, Wm. White, William Martin, Hugh James (Captain), Geo. Turner, H. Carter, A. K. Brennen, William Orr, Henry Boyd, James L. Taggart (Color Sergeant), Jonathan McNally, Peter Steep, Alex. Hoover, William Winslow.