Real Pen Work, Self Instructor in Penmanship is a how to book in penmanship. The book was published in St. Catharines by Knwles & Maxim in 1881.

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  • Real pen work, self-instructor in penmanship

    Knowles & Maxim Publishers (St. Catharines, Ont.) (St. Catharines [Ont.] : Published by Knowles & Maxim, 1881., 1881)
    A how to book for penmanship, published in St. Catharines in 1881. The introduction of the book reads "Greatest Means Ever Known For Learning To Write An Elegant Hand. Nothing Like It Ever Published Before. Something Entirely New. Something That Everybody Wants. Something That Has The Most Enthralling Interest For All." Included in the book are "how to sit at the desk and how to hold your pen", "All the movements used in writing thoroughly illustrated and explained", "Analysis", "Scale Showing how much to Slant Letters", "ornamental design". There are several illustrated "real pen-work" images of animals, scenes and people (ex. Lion, Jesus, Horses, Birds).