• Brock University Order and Form of Convocation, 4 June 1976

      Brock University (1976-06-04)
      A programme outline of the June 4, 1976 convocation in which Estelle Cuffe Hawley receives a Degree of Laws Honoris Causa.
    • Rama Young People's Theatre presents "Ojibway! An evening with David Campbell in Concert"

      Rama Young People's Theatre (1979)
      A pamphlet for the Rama Young People's Theatre presentation of "Ojibway!". The evening includes painting by Arthur Shilling.
    • Nomination form - Arthur Shilling for Order of Canada

      A nomination form for Arthur Shilling to receive Order of Canada, completed by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. The form contains a brief list of accomplishments for Shilling and a four page biography.
    • 100th Birthday Certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien

      Government of Canada (1994)
      A congratulatory certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Estelle Cuffe Hawley for her one hundredth birthday.
    • Motions I Had to Reject

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (ca 1940)
      Notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning provincial government orders sent to councils for endorsement. The focus was on communists in communities, Cuffe Hawley states "It was to the effect that anyone known to be a communist, associated with a communist, in any way, would automatically be disenfranchised." She goes on to mention that "motion is clearly unenforceable". She describes the atmosphere in council chamber as "charged with an insane fear - I was almost afraid of them." Another item mentioned is that she had to vote alone regarding "people on welfare must take the oath of allegiance...The motion passed and its results were that as I had said, the oath was being cheapened with it was a sacred thing. In the lower hall of the city hall, a cage was set up for the cashier. The people on welfare entered from left, reached for the bible, took the oath and their cheque was given to them, then they filed out another door. Assembly-line oath-taking, you might say".
    • Speech "If I am elected as mayor..."

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (ca. 1944)
      A brief speech by Estelle Cuffe Hawley at the time of the mayoralty race in the early 1940s.
    • Post card from Ted Cuffe to Estelle Cuffe

      Cuffe, Ted (circa 1914)
      A post card from Ted Cuffe to his sister Estelle Cuffe at the time of of World War I. The postcard reads "Glad you advised Mother to wait for me. Will be home Fri night or Sat. Fierce time here, but I like it. Ted"
    • Speech "Our Democratic Responsibility"

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (circa 1944)
      A speech titled "Our Democratic Responsibility" by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. Within the speech, Cuffe Hawley mentions "...we must face the fact that only by political action can our desires for society become realities; we must choose the political party which will best translate our desires into reality and we must support this party to the limit of our resources and capacity." She goes on to say "On the basis of all the foregoing facts and of my own experience, I have reached the conclusion, after careful deliberation, that the welfare of all the people can best be served by the election of a CCF Government in Ontario on the 4th of August." Estelle Cuffe Hawley proceeds to explain the platform of the CCF party.
    • Series of Talks - Freedom from Hunger Campaign

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (circa 1962)
      A set of six talks all with the focus of the Freedom from Hunger Campaign during the 1960s.
    • Poem - The Voice of Women

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (n.d.)
      A poem from a collection of works by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. This poem is titled "The Voice of Women" and begins "December eighth, nineteen sixty-one here at Tarleton Trees new snow nestles in the foliage of cedars; has laid a soft coverlet over trilliums, tulips, forget-me-nots and all the other loveliness that will be a garden come April."
    • Life Membership Ontario Recreation Association - Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Ontario Recreation Association (n.d.)
      A life membership card for the Ontario Recreation Association for Estelle Cuffe Hawley. It is made of metal and the presidents signature is engraved. The bottom of the card reads "Recreation is for everyone - All Ages - All Interests - Year Round"
    • Photograph - Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Roy Photography (n.d.)
      A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley as a young woman. A portrait style photograph by "Roy Peterboro, Canada".
    • Photograph - Group and William John Drope

      A photograph of a group of four women and two men. The far right is William John Drope. The Drope family is part of Estelle Cuffe Hawley's family genealogy.