• 100th Birthday Certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien

      Government of Canada (1994)
      A congratulatory certificate from Prime Minister Jean Chretien to Estelle Cuffe Hawley for her one hundredth birthday.
    • Article - "Peace That Passeth Understanding

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1918-11)
      An article written by Estelle B. Cuffe in late 1918, following the war. She writes about "Peace on the Battlefield", "Our Boys Reprieved" and "The Men Who Shirked". Estelle concludes her article with the following "But, after all, the job is done and well done. Hats off to those 'heroes and gentlemen'. They have had a rought[sic], hard time; they have hated and loathed it all, but with a grim and stubborn courage, resultant from the knowledge of the righteousness of their cause, they fought on, and they have made the glorious victory ours. To those who shall come home comes the sense of duty done, and the peace of an unaccusing conscience. To our fallen heroes - theirs is the 'peace of God which passeth all understanding.'" Estelle's brother was one of the heroes who was called to duty and died during his time in service. This article was one of many the Estelle wrote for the Peterborough Review.
    • Article - "Reward for a Job Well Done"

      A newspaper article called "Reward for a Job Well Done" from the Orillia Packet and Times in 1961. The article reads "Mrs. Hubert Hawley of Atherley, left is presented with a lifetime membership engraved on silver when she retired after six years as editor of the Ontario Recreation Association's magazine, 'ORA', which is printed in Orillia."
    • Article - "Selling to Women"

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1939-07)
      An article from The Monthly Agency Review, published by the Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada, titled "Selling to Women" by Miss E.B. Cuffe. The introduction states that Estelle is a decade into service as a Sun Life Representative. Some of the headings within the article are: Younger Women Are Best Prospect Group, Savings Appeal Stronger, T.D.B. and Cash Values, 'Suppose You Marry...', Oil for Marital Waters, For Men Only. She concludes her article with "Being in the great minority in this agency (but no oppressed one, I assure you) perhaps I've been overbold in casting aspersions on the way in which men sometimes approach women to sell them insurance."
    • Brock University Order and Form of Convocation, 4 June 1976

      Brock University (1976-06-04)
      A programme outline of the June 4, 1976 convocation in which Estelle Cuffe Hawley receives a Degree of Laws Honoris Causa.
    • Campaign Fund Letter

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1943-12-01)
      A campaign letter sent by Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning campaign contributions. She starts the letter with summation of her experience and accomplishments as an alderman and teacher and near the end of the letter she states "campaigns cost money and campaign funds are usually supplied by those who have political or economic axes to grind. Since I have never asked for, nor received any financial support to initiate and support whatever appeared to me to be in the best interest of the community as a whole. Therefore, if you personally feel that you could contribute, in a small way to my campaign fund, which I estimate to be about two hundred dollars, I would be most grateful to you".
    • The General Motors Row - notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1938)
      This is a type written account of "The General Motors Row" by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. She makes note that "at the end of my first year in council, at a finance committee meeting, it was recorded that General Motors had imported coloured workers from Windsor. The council members were furious as we had so many people on relief and a few hundred coloured living in St. Catharines." She then describes how the newspapers began to write editorial pieces, one entitled "Unfair and Untrue". She concludes with "Before the next meeting in the committee room, Mayor Wright said that this matter must not be brought up; if it were he would adjourn the meeting immediately. However I had a statement prepared. PS The president of GM and I continued to skate and dance together." See box 1 folder 2
    • Letter - Ted Cuffe to Estelle Cuffe

      Cuffe, Ted (1914)
      A letter from Ted Cuffe to his sister Estelle Cuffe on "YMCA with His Majesty's Canadian Forces on Active Service" letterhead. In the letter he writes, "Just a line to let you know I have been accepted for immediate Overseas Service." He also mentions that he has received packages from family while away training. He mentions that he is currently in a musketry course.
    • Letter - Ted Cuffe to his Mother, June 19, 1915

      Cuffe, Ted (1915-06-19)
      A letter from Ted Cuffe to his Mother, 6 June 1915. It reads: "Dear Mother: We are now within 6 hrs. of England. We sure have had a most unpleasant voyage. It was rather rough all the time and awfully rough most of the time. I have had a headache nearly all the time and a week last Sunday I was so sea-sick I could hardly get out of my bunk. However the weather is fine now and I am for the first time in a humor to write. Last night we were ordered to sleep on deck with our life-belts handy and all day we have had to stay below or if we must go on deck we must crawl on our hands and knees. Just now there is a torpedo boat out side signalling us with two others not far off. They are the first naval vessels we have seen as yet. The captain has changed our course this morning. We are now running along the coast of France and will run straight across the channel. They say we land at 8:00pm to-night. The meals here are very fair. The fellows thought we were in for a feast yesterday when we saw chicken for dinner but it was so high we could not eat it. We also have apple, [illegible] and beer parades every day. Every man gets one beer if he gets up in time. That is - one beer, per man, per day. Perhaps. See???? We are travelling steerage and the 42nd Black Watch are travelling 2nd Class. That is because their Colonel is a mucky - muck but as it is he who supplies the beer nobody is grousing very much. We have the detachment of the 12th C.M.R. from Calgary on this ship. They are the finest body of men I ever say. Every man is a cow-boy, a broncho-buster [sic] and a dead shot. They average over 6' in height and about 200 lbs. Will continue this letter when we land. Love Ted"
    • Letter from office of Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Indian Affairs Branch to Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Bailey, S. (1960-03-04)
      A letter to Estelle Cuffe Hawley from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration, Indian Affairs Branch. The letter reads "I am most interested to find that you are becoming involved in work with the Indians on the Rama Reserve, and hope you can help them find methods of improving both their standards of living as well as their recreational and social opportunities." The correspondence also mentions Hawley's interest in education, "You mention that you plan to speak to a meeting on the Rama Reserve on the subject of Indian education. I would suggest that you get in touch with Mr. H.D. Rodine, Inspector of Indian Schools for Southern Ontario." Attached to the letter is a brochure from the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Indian Affairs Branch, titled "The Canadian Indian".
    • Life Membership Ontario Recreation Association - Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Ontario Recreation Association (n.d.)
      A life membership card for the Ontario Recreation Association for Estelle Cuffe Hawley. It is made of metal and the presidents signature is engraved. The bottom of the card reads "Recreation is for everyone - All Ages - All Interests - Year Round"
    • Motions I Had to Reject

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (ca 1940)
      Notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley concerning provincial government orders sent to councils for endorsement. The focus was on communists in communities, Cuffe Hawley states "It was to the effect that anyone known to be a communist, associated with a communist, in any way, would automatically be disenfranchised." She goes on to mention that "motion is clearly unenforceable". She describes the atmosphere in council chamber as "charged with an insane fear - I was almost afraid of them." Another item mentioned is that she had to vote alone regarding "people on welfare must take the oath of allegiance...The motion passed and its results were that as I had said, the oath was being cheapened with it was a sacred thing. In the lower hall of the city hall, a cage was set up for the cashier. The people on welfare entered from left, reached for the bible, took the oath and their cheque was given to them, then they filed out another door. Assembly-line oath-taking, you might say".
    • "My Favourite Pioneer Family" - Orillia Historical Society

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1976-02-19)
      A presentation for the Orillia Historical Society by Estelle Cuffe Hawley about her "two pioneer families, the Dropes and the Cuffes". A genealogy presentation that starts with Thomas Drope leaving Ireland in 1825 with his sons and coming to Hamilton Township. Estelle Cuffe Hawley then explains the family history in detail. She then begins the Cuffe pioneer story starting in 1850 from Ireland to Canada to the union of the two families, her parents.
    • Nomination form - Arthur Shilling for Order of Canada

      A nomination form for Arthur Shilling to receive Order of Canada, completed by Estelle Cuffe Hawley. The form contains a brief list of accomplishments for Shilling and a four page biography.
    • Notes from year 1918

      Cuffe Hawley, Estelle (1918)
      Handwritten notes from Estelle Cuffe Hawley about her time near Toronto as a teacher and then Principal of a small five room schoolhouse. She appreciated being close to her home town of Peterborough and she remarks that "Toronto was heaven to me in October 1918. For two reasons. First a general rule Ontario's young people wanted to work and live in Toronto. Many didn't manage that feat...". She also discusses the issues she encountered as principal, "...in addition to teaching fifty grade two pupils, I was lord-high everything else, like examining hair for head lice, placating angry mothers who called me an impudent young hussy...".
    • ORA Recreation Bulletin September - October 1955

      Ontario Recreation Association (1955)
      Issue No. 8 of the ORA (Ontario Recreation Association) for September - October 1955. This is the first issue that Estelle Cuffe Hawley is editor. She would continue to be editor for six years. In this issue the highlights are "ORA News, What Zones are doing, Hallowe'en suggestions, Programme features".
    • Peterborough Collegiate Institute Commencement Exercises Friday, March 1st, 1912

      Peterborough Collegiate Institute (1912-03-01)
      A programme of the commencement exercises for Peterborough Collegiate Institute in the year 1912. Within the programme, Estelle Cuffe is listed as an "honours normal entrace" candidate. On the reverse she is also listed under "complete matriculation standing".
    • Photograph - Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      Roy Photography (n.d.)
      A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley as a young woman. A portrait style photograph by "Roy Peterboro, Canada".
    • Photograph - Estelle Cuffe Hawley

      A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley used during her mayoral race in 1943/1944.
    • Photograph - Estelle Cuffe Hawley, Convocation

      A photograph of Estelle Cuffe Hawley during convocation as she receives her honourary law degree.