• Photograph - Julia Lillian Drope

      A photograph of a group of young children surrounding Julia Lillian Nelles Drope. The reverse of the photograph is stamped "The New enameloid deckled print by July 26, 1934. The Chicago Postal Photo Supplies Regina, Sask."
    • Photograph - Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924)

      A photograph of Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924) [She is the wife of Samuel Nelles and mother of Ida Ann Hawksley Nelles – to whom the photo is inscribed] and Julia Lillian Henrietta Nelles Drope.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Hockey Team

      A photograph of the Lake Lodge hockey team. The photograph features, H. Cope, W. Page, W. Parker, F. Lindsay, V. Woodhall, E.H. Hull, W. Reynolds, W. Shore, R. Timms and D. Owen.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Rowers

      A photograph of an 8 person team of rowers with one coxswain (Ron Wilford). There is a list of the rowers included: Coxswain Ron Wilford, Stroke Bert Arnott, 7. Tom Rymer, 6. Bill Thom, 5. Al Evans, 4. Herbert Hawley, 3. Freddy Fidler, 2. Carl Warner, Bow Harry Harper.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge School Cadets

      A photograph of some Lake Lodge cadets. The photograph is from the early 1930s before the school closed in 1933 due to the depression.
    • Photograph - Lillian Drope

      Cunningham (n.d.)
      A photograph of Julia Lillian Nelles Drope in a white lace dress. The reverse of the photograph reads "cousin Lillie Drope". The photograph company is Cunningham Hamilton.
    • Photograph - Nelles Family Reunion, 1924

      Rea, A.A. (1924)
      A photograph of the Nelles family reunion in 1924. There are dozens of family members in the photograph taken in Paris, Ontario, 28 June 1924. The photographer is also listed on the bottom corner as A.A. Rea, 632 1/2 Barton St. E., Hamilton, Ontario.
    • Photograph - Royal Hamilton Light Infantry

      A photograph of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Edward Hull is third from the right (standing).
    • Photograph - Royal Hamilton Light Infantry (large group)

      A large group photograph of the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry.
    • Photograph - Staff and Students of Lake Lodge School, 1923

      Royal Studio (1923)
      A photograph of staff and students of Lake Lodge School. Both W.J. Drope and Ed Hull are in the back row center.
    • Photograph - Star Oil Office, Hamilton

      A photograph of Ed Hull’s [Ed Hull senior] oil office, Star Oil Co. at 14 McNab N., Hamilton.
    • Photograph - Students and Mr W.J. Drope, 1898

      A group of children with W.J. Drope. They are presumably in front of Lake Lodge School. The year is written 1898.
    • Photograph - William John Drope

      Cunningham, A. M. (n.d.)
      A photograph of William John Drope by A.M. Cunningham, Hamilton, Ontario.
    • Photograph - William John Drope, 1921

      A photograph of William John Drope in robe. The reverse of the photo reads "Principal Drope at the end of June 1921 (as seen in the Lake Lodge Record - midsummer 1921).
    • Photographs - Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelles

      Photographs of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nelles.
    • Phrenograph of Miss Gladys Coyle Drope

      Mendelson, Mark (1901-09-04)
      Phrenography written chart for Miss Gladys Coyle Drope by Mark Mendelson. Some sections of the chart include: The Temperaments, The Organs of the Mind, The Intellect in the Forehead, etc.
    • Pictorial map of Canada's Economic Boom

      Braundsdorf, George (1956)
      A map indicating "some of the highlights of Canada's economic boom. It's a giant-size boom, which is turning the United Stats' once poor neighbor to the north into a very prosperous nation".
    • Post card to Gladys Drope

      A post card with an image of a soldier kissing the cheek of a girl. The post card is titled "Tommy's Farewell". The reverse of the post card is a brief message that is mostly faded. A couple of the lines read "So I hope you will like this card seeing it came from France." The card also mentions the trenches, but the writing is faded.
    • Province of Upper Canada Land Grant on parchment to Abraham Nelles of the Township of Grimsby, in the County of Lincoln, in the District of Niagara

      Province of Upper Canada Land Grant on parchment to Abraham Nelles of the Township of Grimsby, in the County of Lincoln, in the District of Niagara. He was granted 1,114 acres located in the Township of Emily in the Gore, in the County of Northumberland, in the District of Newcastle, Upper Canada. [What was once the Gore of Emily is now known as Ennismore Township. Lots were granted to Abraham Nelles in lieu of payment for his work in surveying the county]. The attached seal is in good condition, 1823
    • Souvenir Copy of the Coronation Service

      A souvenir copy of the coronation service "for the occasion of The Coronation of King George V, June 22nd, 1911". The bottom of the cover reads "selected by the Chapter of the Rural Deanery of Lincoln and Welland, and approved by the Very Reverend the Dean of Niagara."