• Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School

      ca. 1906
      A photograph of the cricket team at lake Lodge School ca. 1906.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1908

      A photograph of the junior Lake Lodge School cricket team, 1908. On the reverse of the photograph are some of the names of the team. There is also a caption that reads "Lake Lodge School Junior Cricket Team 1908. Picture taken by Mr. Drope at Gran Trunk Railway Station, Grimsby, while waiting for train to St. Catharines for game with Ridley. Back Row: Harold Drope, Mrs. Drope, Archibald Minhinic, Burns, Billy Bailey, Willison Nelles, Cyril Pinney, White, Stewart. Front Row: Gordon Drope, Bailey (Mascot), Lawrence Clubb, 'Mose' Stewart, Allen Nelles."
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1916

      A photograph of the cricket team in front of Lake Lodge School. There are eleven boys and three adults in the photograph. One of the adults appears to be W.J. Drope.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1922

      A photograph of the cricket team at Lake Lodge school in 1922. The individuals in the photograph are named: "Back row - G. McKune, M. Lounsbury, T. Taylor, K. Joyner, C. Joyner, Front row - T. A. C. Jones, Esq, J. Morris (Captain), G. Foster, J. Barregar, G. Clapperton, M. Frankland, J. Atkins, C. Andrewes".
    • Photograph - Cricket Team, 1907

      A photograph of a cricket team of eleven boys, one girl and an adult. The girl is holding a scoring book and it appears to be Gladys Drope.
    • Photograph - Crown Oil Company in Hamilton

      A photo of the Crown Oil Company in Hamilton which has Eddie Hull Jr. and a very young William Hull in the picture.
    • Photograph - Drope Children

      A photograph of the Drope children (Harold, Gordon, Gladys) ca. 1903.
    • Photograph - Drope Children

      A photograph of the Drope children. This photograph is part of an album.
    • Photograph - Drope Family

      A photograph of a family picnic.
    • Photograph - Drope Family Lake Lodge

      ca. 1910
      A photograph of the Drope family at Lake Lodge, Grimsby ca. 1910. Listed in the photograph are the following: Julia Lillian Henrietta Hudson (Nelles) Drope, William John Drope, Gordon William Drope, John Harold Nelles Drope, Gladys Coyle Drope, Ida Nelles, Mrs. Samuel Nelles.
    • Photograph - Edward and Gladys Hull

      A wedding photograph of Edward and Gladys Hull, 1925.
    • Photograph - Football Team, 1919

      A photograph a football team (Lake Lodge School?). There is a list of names on the bottom of the photograph, including: T.A.C. Jones, W. Townsend, B. Peene, R. Watkins, J. Phin, N. Andrewes, W. Brown, H. Dawe, Archibald Black Baker, G. Eastman, W. Williams, F. Scarlett, K. Joyner, J. Atkins, E. Stock, J. Morris and L. Venning.
    • Photograph - Gordon, William, and Harold Drope

      A copy of a photograph showing (from left to right) Gordon, William and Harold Drope. William Drope is seated in the centre with the boys standing on either side of him.
    • Photograph - Hiram Walker Incorporated District Managers Meeting, 1939

      A photograph of the group of District Managers for Hiram Walker Incorporated at Mackinac Island, July 9-14, 1939. The names are included: "Front Row: Graham, Bonnafoux, Leitch, Holtorf, Favish, Hatch. 2nd row: Casteel, Coughlin, Doty, Sturman, S. Goldberg, Grylls, M. Goldberg, Staudinger, Hadlock, Hull, Clapp, Knox. 3rd row: Finneran, Neubauer, Cashin, Healy, Gibbons, Laberge, Ellis, Kendrick, Terry, Swedlund, Nier. 4th row. Boehme, Badrian, Hutchison, Brown, Peckham, Weiner, Barker, Potter. 5th row: Hart, Bradley, Ziegler, Finlayson."
    • Photograph - J.W. Drope

      A photograph of J. W. "Will" Drope, Class of 1889, Victoria College. There is a note on the photograph that reads "Uncle Will, mothers brother"
    • Photograph - Julia Lillian Drope

      A photograph of a group of young children surrounding Julia Lillian Nelles Drope. The reverse of the photograph is stamped "The New enameloid deckled print by July 26, 1934. The Chicago Postal Photo Supplies Regina, Sask."
    • Photograph - Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924)

      A photograph of Julia Victoria Hudson Nelles (1837-1924) [She is the wife of Samuel Nelles and mother of Ida Ann Hawksley Nelles – to whom the photo is inscribed] and Julia Lillian Henrietta Nelles Drope.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Hockey Team

      A photograph of the Lake Lodge hockey team. The photograph features, H. Cope, W. Page, W. Parker, F. Lindsay, V. Woodhall, E.H. Hull, W. Reynolds, W. Shore, R. Timms and D. Owen.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Rowers

      A photograph of an 8 person team of rowers with one coxswain (Ron Wilford). There is a list of the rowers included: Coxswain Ron Wilford, Stroke Bert Arnott, 7. Tom Rymer, 6. Bill Thom, 5. Al Evans, 4. Herbert Hawley, 3. Freddy Fidler, 2. Carl Warner, Bow Harry Harper.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge School Cadets

      A photograph of some Lake Lodge cadets. The photograph is from the early 1930s before the school closed in 1933 due to the depression.