• Letter from William John Drope to Julia Lillian Henrietta Hudson Nelles, 14 March 1893

      Drope, William John (1893-03-14)
      A letter from William John Drope to Julia Lillian Henrietta Hudson Nelles. In the letter, Drope discusses his day, running into folks around town, and plans to travel to Port Hope.
    • Letter from William John Drope to Julia Lillian Henrietta Hudson Nelles, 5 August 1893

      Drope, William John (1893-08-05)
      A letter from William John Drope to Julia Lillian Henrietta Hudson Nelles. The letter mentions that Miss Nelles will be in Bowmanville at the time of her next letter. Drope mentions that they are soon to be married and that his only concern is that he cannot provide the same life style she is used to, "I cannot give you as comfortable a home as you have been accustomed to, and this is the only cause of regret that I have in marrying you".
    • Letter to Frank Hull, 28 April

      A letter with an accompanying photograph. The letter is simply dated Saturday April 28, year unknown, and is signed "Jim". The letter indicates that the following individuals are included in the photograph: Stuart Bruce, Chuck Laing, "Bill" (Hull?), Frank (Hull), Gladys Drope Hull, and "Jim". The other individuals are not mentioned in name.
    • Letter to Gladys Drope from William Foster Lickers, 6 March 1915

      Lickers (1915-03-06)
      A letter from a William Foster Lickers to Gladys Drope. In the letter, Lickers thanks Drope for the package she has sent to him while on service in France. He states "I might mention as you did I am trying my best to live a better life and will faithfully do my duty to the last and good bye."
    • Letter to Mr. & Mrs. Ed Hull, 25 December 1940

      A letter from someone in active Canadian service to Gladys and Ed Hull. The signature appears to be a Gordon A. S. He thanks the couple for sending cigarettes and asks how they Frank and Bill are doing. The envelope is stamped A.D.M.S. December 26, 1940 1 Div. C.A.S.F.
    • Marriage Register copy and Announcement - William John Drope and Julia Lillian Nelles

      An article describing the "nuptials of Mr. W.J. Drope, Peterborough, and Miss Julia Lillian Nelles of Grimsby - The List of Presents". The service took place at St. Andrew's Episcopoal church in Grimsby. There is also a copy of the marriage register, dated 1 January 1895. It is certified "that the above is a true copy of an entry in the marriage register kept in St. Andrew's church Grimsby, Ontario".
    • Old Boys and Girls Reunion Edition - The Independent, 1921

      An issue of Old Boys and Girls Reunion Edition - The Independent, focused on Grimsby, 24 August, 1921. The first page of the issue includes photographs of several men and brief descriptions of their roles in Grimsby Village. The men featured include: W.J. Drope, H. H. Marsh, William Mitchell, John H. Grout, W. F. Randall, Charles H. Bromley, David Allen, Lieut. J. A. M. Livingston, John C. Farrell. Inside are several photographs of "scenes in and around Grimsby Village". Some of the photographs included are: Factory Number 7 Dominion Canners, Village Inn, Plant of the Canadian Stoves, Grimsby Public School, Memorial Gates at Lake Lodge School, Hotel Grimsby, Canning Factory of the Grimsby Fruit Growers, Basket Factory and more.
    • Peterborough Collegiate Institute 1894-1895

      A class of individuals from Peterborough Collegiate Institute. It reads "Senior Leaving and Honor Matriculation Class 1894-95. Some of the names are listed as follows: John Jefferies, B.A., H.R.H. Kenner, B.A., W.J. Drope, B.A., M.OBrien, Miss S.E. Marty, Jas. A. Fife, B.A.
    • Photograph - 114 Hughson St., Hamilton

      A photograph of Edward Hull with Edward H. Hull, Edith M. Hull and A. Drake Walbrook at 114 Hughson St., Hamilton showing their Conrad car which was made in Boston. Edward purchased the car in 1901.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Choir

      A photograph of the Lake Lodge School Choir.
    • Photograph - Barn at Lake Lodge

      A photograph of a "Barn at Lake Lodge used to house American prisoners during War of 1812". Another note mentions that the barn will be dismantled to be replaced by a new one "early 20th century"
    • Photograph - Cricket Team

      A photograph of eleven boys all dressed in white, and most are wearing ties. A few of the boys are holding cricket balls.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School

      ca. 1906
      A photograph of the cricket team at lake Lodge School ca. 1906.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1908

      A photograph of the junior Lake Lodge School cricket team, 1908. On the reverse of the photograph are some of the names of the team. There is also a caption that reads "Lake Lodge School Junior Cricket Team 1908. Picture taken by Mr. Drope at Gran Trunk Railway Station, Grimsby, while waiting for train to St. Catharines for game with Ridley. Back Row: Harold Drope, Mrs. Drope, Archibald Minhinic, Burns, Billy Bailey, Willison Nelles, Cyril Pinney, White, Stewart. Front Row: Gordon Drope, Bailey (Mascot), Lawrence Clubb, 'Mose' Stewart, Allen Nelles."
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1916

      A photograph of the cricket team in front of Lake Lodge School. There are eleven boys and three adults in the photograph. One of the adults appears to be W.J. Drope.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1922

      A photograph of the cricket team at Lake Lodge school in 1922. The individuals in the photograph are named: "Back row - G. McKune, M. Lounsbury, T. Taylor, K. Joyner, C. Joyner, Front row - T. A. C. Jones, Esq, J. Morris (Captain), G. Foster, J. Barregar, G. Clapperton, M. Frankland, J. Atkins, C. Andrewes".
    • Photograph - Cricket Team, 1907

      A photograph of a cricket team of eleven boys, one girl and an adult. The girl is holding a scoring book and it appears to be Gladys Drope.
    • Photograph - Crown Oil Company in Hamilton

      A photo of the Crown Oil Company in Hamilton which has Eddie Hull Jr. and a very young William Hull in the picture.
    • Photograph - Drope Children

      A photograph of the Drope children (Harold, Gordon, Gladys) ca. 1903.
    • Photograph - Drope Children

      A photograph of the Drope children. This photograph is part of an album.