• Photograph - Drope Children

      A photograph of the Drope children (Harold, Gordon, Gladys) ca. 1903.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team, 1907

      A photograph of a cricket team of eleven boys, one girl and an adult. The girl is holding a scoring book and it appears to be Gladys Drope.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1908

      A photograph of the junior Lake Lodge School cricket team, 1908. On the reverse of the photograph are some of the names of the team. There is also a caption that reads "Lake Lodge School Junior Cricket Team 1908. Picture taken by Mr. Drope at Gran Trunk Railway Station, Grimsby, while waiting for train to St. Catharines for game with Ridley. Back Row: Harold Drope, Mrs. Drope, Archibald Minhinic, Burns, Billy Bailey, Willison Nelles, Cyril Pinney, White, Stewart. Front Row: Gordon Drope, Bailey (Mascot), Lawrence Clubb, 'Mose' Stewart, Allen Nelles."
    • Souvenir Copy of the Coronation Service

      A souvenir copy of the coronation service "for the occasion of The Coronation of King George V, June 22nd, 1911". The bottom of the cover reads "selected by the Chapter of the Rural Deanery of Lincoln and Welland, and approved by the Very Reverend the Dean of Niagara."
    • Lake Lodge School First Annual Football Supper Program

      A program for the First Annual Football Supper at Lake Lodge School. The program includes game results, a menu, and a list of players: J.D. Watt (Capt.), F. Pinhey, J. Hill, J. Chisholm, C.L. Bailey, H. Carmichael, H. Pentlow, F. Pearson, F. Veale, E. Lindsay, K. Veale, E. Jamieson, H. Poag, D. McClive, (spares) R. Walker, B. Ross, S. Conolly.
    • Lake Lodge Eighteenth Annual Sports, 1914

      A program for the Eighteenth Annual Sports event, 20 June 1914. There are events listed with names of individuals who placed first and second. There are also some special prizes listed for "Cup for Best Sportsman", "Mr. T.E. Hewitt's Cup", "Mr. C.E. Goad's Cup" and more.
    • Letter to Gladys Drope from William Foster Lickers, 6 March 1915

      Lickers (1915-03-06)
      A letter from a William Foster Lickers to Gladys Drope. In the letter, Lickers thanks Drope for the package she has sent to him while on service in France. He states "I might mention as you did I am trying my best to live a better life and will faithfully do my duty to the last and good bye."
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1916

      A photograph of the cricket team in front of Lake Lodge School. There are eleven boys and three adults in the photograph. One of the adults appears to be W.J. Drope.
    • Post card to Gladys Drope

      A post card with an image of a soldier kissing the cheek of a girl. The post card is titled "Tommy's Farewell". The reverse of the post card is a brief message that is mostly faded. A couple of the lines read "So I hope you will like this card seeing it came from France." The card also mentions the trenches, but the writing is faded.
    • Letter from Harold L. Grout to Gladys Drope

      Grout, Harold L. (1916-05-11)
      A letter from a soldier, Harold L. Grout to Gladys Drope. In the letter, Grout discusses the "76th" and their location at Shorncliffe. He mentions Lake Lodge, "You seem to be losing all your boys from 'Lake Lodge'. I hope this war doesn't last till they all have to go. Some say the first 7 years of it will be the worst. Hoping you are all well and remember me to all my friends at L.L. Yours sincerely, Driver Harold L. Grout 302189".
    • Letter from Theo. A. Clifton Jones to Gladys Drope

      Jones, Theo. A. Clifton (1916-12-28)
      A letter from Theo. A. Clifton Jones to Gladys Drope. Jones is stationed at Sandling Camp, Hyde, Kent. He mentions in his letter that one evening they heard machine guns shooting and a mine was blown up. They are working on railroad construction and he mentions the process. He also mention two other officers that he has met and may have met Gladys Drope. The two officers are called, Griffin and H.R. Nicholson.
    • The Lake Lodge Record (Vol. 2, no.1) 1917

      The Lake Lodge Record 1917 contains a photograph of Flight Commander (Capt.) J.H.N. Drope of the Royal Flying Corps. Sports champions include: T. Shurly, J. Phin and A.O. Shurly. Photographs of men involved in the war were included: Pte. J.D. Watt of the 86th Battalion was wounded at Vimy Ridge. Pte. T.A.C. Jones was transferred to the 1st Battalion. Gunner F. Pinhey was in the 72nd Battery. The cricket team of 1917 is pictured as are the cricket teams of 1911 and 1905. There is a photograph of the 1915 hockey team.
    • Photograph - Football Team, 1919

      A photograph a football team (Lake Lodge School?). There is a list of names on the bottom of the photograph, including: T.A.C. Jones, W. Townsend, B. Peene, R. Watkins, J. Phin, N. Andrewes, W. Brown, H. Dawe, Archibald Black Baker, G. Eastman, W. Williams, F. Scarlett, K. Joyner, J. Atkins, E. Stock, J. Morris and L. Venning.
    • Photograph - William John Drope, 1921

      A photograph of William John Drope in robe. The reverse of the photo reads "Principal Drope at the end of June 1921 (as seen in the Lake Lodge Record - midsummer 1921).
    • Old Boys and Girls Reunion Edition - The Independent, 1921

      An issue of Old Boys and Girls Reunion Edition - The Independent, focused on Grimsby, 24 August, 1921. The first page of the issue includes photographs of several men and brief descriptions of their roles in Grimsby Village. The men featured include: W.J. Drope, H. H. Marsh, William Mitchell, John H. Grout, W. F. Randall, Charles H. Bromley, David Allen, Lieut. J. A. M. Livingston, John C. Farrell. Inside are several photographs of "scenes in and around Grimsby Village". Some of the photographs included are: Factory Number 7 Dominion Canners, Village Inn, Plant of the Canadian Stoves, Grimsby Public School, Memorial Gates at Lake Lodge School, Hotel Grimsby, Canning Factory of the Grimsby Fruit Growers, Basket Factory and more.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1922

      A photograph of the cricket team at Lake Lodge school in 1922. The individuals in the photograph are named: "Back row - G. McKune, M. Lounsbury, T. Taylor, K. Joyner, C. Joyner, Front row - T. A. C. Jones, Esq, J. Morris (Captain), G. Foster, J. Barregar, G. Clapperton, M. Frankland, J. Atkins, C. Andrewes".
    • Photograph - Staff and Students of Lake Lodge School, 1923

      Royal Studio (1923)
      A photograph of staff and students of Lake Lodge School. Both W.J. Drope and Ed Hull are in the back row center.
    • Toronto 1923 Souvenir Grand Lodge Communication, A.F. & A.M., 1923

      A souvenir Grand Lodge Communication, A.F. & A.M., Toronto, 1923. Included are photographs of the Grand Master, M.W. Bro. W.N. Ponton, K.C.; Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. W.J. Drope; Past Grand Master and Grand Treasurer, M.W. Bro. E.T. Malone, K.C.; Grand Secretary, R. W. Bro. W. M. Logan. There is a list of committee members, appointed officers, and grand stewards. There are several advertisements for business in the Toronto area. There are also several photographs and illustrations of buildings in the area (Provincial Parliament Buildings - Toronto, Dominion Parliament Buildings - Ottawa, Masonic Temple - Young Street and Davenport Road, Massey hall, Lieutenant-Governor's Residence - Toronto, Toronto University Building, "Meet me at the Fountain" - Toronto National Exhibition, The Royal Coliseum, The Armouries - University Avenue, Cassa Loma, The Board Walk, Timothy Eaton Memorial Church, The New Union Station, In Commemoration of South African Heroes - University Avenue, Toronto General Hospital, Metropolitan Methodist Church).
    • The Freemason The Masonic Illustrated, August 1923

      A portion of the August 1923 Freemason, No. 2842, vol. LXIII.. In the issue there is an article titled "Grand Lodge of Canada in Ontario: Enthusiastic Welcome to English Deputation". Also in this issue: "A New York Undertaking", "An Irish Masonic Service", "Freemasonry Incomplete", "The Great Masonic Ideal", "Masonic Foundation-Stone".
    • Photograph - Nelles Family Reunion, 1924

      Rea, A.A. (1924)
      A photograph of the Nelles family reunion in 1924. There are dozens of family members in the photograph taken in Paris, Ontario, 28 June 1924. The photographer is also listed on the bottom corner as A.A. Rea, 632 1/2 Barton St. E., Hamilton, Ontario.