• Letter from Harold L. Grout to Gladys Drope

      Grout, Harold L. (1916-05-11)
      A letter from a soldier, Harold L. Grout to Gladys Drope. In the letter, Grout discusses the "76th" and their location at Shorncliffe. He mentions Lake Lodge, "You seem to be losing all your boys from 'Lake Lodge'. I hope this war doesn't last till they all have to go. Some say the first 7 years of it will be the worst. Hoping you are all well and remember me to all my friends at L.L. Yours sincerely, Driver Harold L. Grout 302189".
    • Letter from Theo. A. Clifton Jones to Gladys Drope

      Jones, Theo. A. Clifton (1916-12-28)
      A letter from Theo. A. Clifton Jones to Gladys Drope. Jones is stationed at Sandling Camp, Hyde, Kent. He mentions in his letter that one evening they heard machine guns shooting and a mine was blown up. They are working on railroad construction and he mentions the process. He also mention two other officers that he has met and may have met Gladys Drope. The two officers are called, Griffin and H.R. Nicholson.
    • Letter to Gladys Drope from William Foster Lickers, 6 March 1915

      Lickers (1915-03-06)
      A letter from a William Foster Lickers to Gladys Drope. In the letter, Lickers thanks Drope for the package she has sent to him while on service in France. He states "I might mention as you did I am trying my best to live a better life and will faithfully do my duty to the last and good bye."
    • Post card to Gladys Drope

      A post card with an image of a soldier kissing the cheek of a girl. The post card is titled "Tommy's Farewell". The reverse of the post card is a brief message that is mostly faded. A couple of the lines read "So I hope you will like this card seeing it came from France." The card also mentions the trenches, but the writing is faded.