• The Grimsby Preparatory School for Young Boys: Lake Lodge, Grimsby, Ont.

      A booklet about Lake Lodge School titled "The Grimsby Preparatory School for Young Boys". It mentions "the object of this school is to prepare young boys for admission to the High Schools and the larger boarding Schools. In addition to this they are trained to habits of morality, manliness and integrity, and are furnished a comfortable home free from evil influences." There are also sections describing the following: course of study, religious instruction, record, prizes, athletics, cricket, fees, hours of study, sessions, vacation, and list of boys past and present.
    • Lake Lodge Eighteenth Annual Sports, 1914

      A program for the Eighteenth Annual Sports event, 20 June 1914. There are events listed with names of individuals who placed first and second. There are also some special prizes listed for "Cup for Best Sportsman", "Mr. T.E. Hewitt's Cup", "Mr. C.E. Goad's Cup" and more.
    • The Lake Lodge Record (Vol. 14, no. 2) 1929

      This book contains photographs of the 3 cricket teams for 1928-1929. The 3 rugby teams for 1929 are pictured as well as a group of cadets.
    • The Lake Lodge Record (Vol. 2, no.1) 1917

      The Lake Lodge Record 1917 contains a photograph of Flight Commander (Capt.) J.H.N. Drope of the Royal Flying Corps. Sports champions include: T. Shurly, J. Phin and A.O. Shurly. Photographs of men involved in the war were included: Pte. J.D. Watt of the 86th Battalion was wounded at Vimy Ridge. Pte. T.A.C. Jones was transferred to the 1st Battalion. Gunner F. Pinhey was in the 72nd Battery. The cricket team of 1917 is pictured as are the cricket teams of 1911 and 1905. There is a photograph of the 1915 hockey team.
    • Lake Lodge School Entrance Report - Gladys Drope

      The entrance report of Gladys Drope for Lake Lodge School (all boys school).
    • Lake Lodge School First Annual Football Supper Program

      A program for the First Annual Football Supper at Lake Lodge School. The program includes game results, a menu, and a list of players: J.D. Watt (Capt.), F. Pinhey, J. Hill, J. Chisholm, C.L. Bailey, H. Carmichael, H. Pentlow, F. Pearson, F. Veale, E. Lindsay, K. Veale, E. Jamieson, H. Poag, D. McClive, (spares) R. Walker, B. Ross, S. Conolly.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Choir

      A photograph of the Lake Lodge School Choir.
    • Photograph - Barn at Lake Lodge

      A photograph of a "Barn at Lake Lodge used to house American prisoners during War of 1812". Another note mentions that the barn will be dismantled to be replaced by a new one "early 20th century"
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School

      ca. 1906
      A photograph of the cricket team at lake Lodge School ca. 1906.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1908

      A photograph of the junior Lake Lodge School cricket team, 1908. On the reverse of the photograph are some of the names of the team. There is also a caption that reads "Lake Lodge School Junior Cricket Team 1908. Picture taken by Mr. Drope at Gran Trunk Railway Station, Grimsby, while waiting for train to St. Catharines for game with Ridley. Back Row: Harold Drope, Mrs. Drope, Archibald Minhinic, Burns, Billy Bailey, Willison Nelles, Cyril Pinney, White, Stewart. Front Row: Gordon Drope, Bailey (Mascot), Lawrence Clubb, 'Mose' Stewart, Allen Nelles."
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1916

      A photograph of the cricket team in front of Lake Lodge School. There are eleven boys and three adults in the photograph. One of the adults appears to be W.J. Drope.
    • Photograph - Cricket Team Lake Lodge School, 1922

      A photograph of the cricket team at Lake Lodge school in 1922. The individuals in the photograph are named: "Back row - G. McKune, M. Lounsbury, T. Taylor, K. Joyner, C. Joyner, Front row - T. A. C. Jones, Esq, J. Morris (Captain), G. Foster, J. Barregar, G. Clapperton, M. Frankland, J. Atkins, C. Andrewes".
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Hockey Team

      A photograph of the Lake Lodge hockey team. The photograph features, H. Cope, W. Page, W. Parker, F. Lindsay, V. Woodhall, E.H. Hull, W. Reynolds, W. Shore, R. Timms and D. Owen.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge Rowers

      A photograph of an 8 person team of rowers with one coxswain (Ron Wilford). There is a list of the rowers included: Coxswain Ron Wilford, Stroke Bert Arnott, 7. Tom Rymer, 6. Bill Thom, 5. Al Evans, 4. Herbert Hawley, 3. Freddy Fidler, 2. Carl Warner, Bow Harry Harper.
    • Photograph - Lake Lodge School Cadets

      A photograph of some Lake Lodge cadets. The photograph is from the early 1930s before the school closed in 1933 due to the depression.
    • Photograph - Staff and Students of Lake Lodge School, 1923

      Royal Studio (1923)
      A photograph of staff and students of Lake Lodge School. Both W.J. Drope and Ed Hull are in the back row center.
    • Photograph - Students and Mr W.J. Drope, 1898

      A group of children with W.J. Drope. They are presumably in front of Lake Lodge School. The year is written 1898.
    • Two Lake Lodge School Crests

      2 felt Lake Lodge crests [the crest is made up of a shield divided into 4 parts by a blue cross. The upper left section contains an open Bible which signified a close connection to the church. The upper right contains a hockey stick and other sports symbols signifying the major sports in which the school participated. The lower right bears the lamp of knowledge and the lower left bears a maple leaf representing purity and a patriotic sentiment toward the country. The scroll at the bottom contains the Latin inscription “Industria Omnia Vincit” meaning work conquers all.],