• Photograph - Hiram Walker Incorporated District Managers Meeting, 1939

      A photograph of the group of District Managers for Hiram Walker Incorporated at Mackinac Island, July 9-14, 1939. The names are included: "Front Row: Graham, Bonnafoux, Leitch, Holtorf, Favish, Hatch. 2nd row: Casteel, Coughlin, Doty, Sturman, S. Goldberg, Grylls, M. Goldberg, Staudinger, Hadlock, Hull, Clapp, Knox. 3rd row: Finneran, Neubauer, Cashin, Healy, Gibbons, Laberge, Ellis, Kendrick, Terry, Swedlund, Nier. 4th row. Boehme, Badrian, Hutchison, Brown, Peckham, Weiner, Barker, Potter. 5th row: Hart, Bradley, Ziegler, Finlayson."