• Notebook of Elizabeth Hansler

      Hansler, Elizabeth
      Notebook kept by Elizabeth Hansler (1817-1889) when young. She later married Thomas Bradt (1810-1885). Some of the entries contain the cost of items purchased, such as shoes, bonnets, gloves, silk, cotton and wool. A lock of hair is included towards the end of the book. Names which appear in the book include Andrew Bradt, Mercy Jane Bradt, David James [Hansler] and Anna Maria Schram (who was raised in the Bradt family as a foster child).
    • Notebook of family records belonging to Mercy J. Dunn

      Dunn, Mercy J. (1918)
      Notebook of family records belonging to Mercy J. Dunn, Hagersville, March 11, 1918. A record of the Bradt family, including dates of birth, death and marriages, as well as some biographical information. A family record of the Hansler family is included. A brief record of the Wills and Dunn families are also included. Loose material enclosed in the notebook was separated and put in an envelope. This material includes an obituary for Thomas Bradt and a news clipping from the Santa Ana, California “Register” on a Hansler family reunion.
    • Notebook of Mercie Bradt

      Bradt, Mercie (1858)
      Notebook belonging to Mercie Bradt, Wainfleet, C.W. Sept. 13, 1858. The notebook contains expressions, poems and sketches.
    • Pretty Poems Children's Book

      A very small book of “pretty poems” featuring black and white illustrations.